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Boiler complete 

Boiler complete 

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Commercial espresso machine boiler

  • 192,60 € Add to cart available on request

    On this product page you will find a OEM/Original San Remo spare part. In this specific case it is a brewing group boiler. The San Remo part reference number for this item is 10002659A This boiler has a capacity of 0,5L. The outer diameter is 77mm and the length is 127mm. The boiler itself has a heating element installed which produces 500W at 230V....

  • 137,38 € Add to cart Shipment after 4 - 8 working days

    The boiler shown on this page is a OEM/Original Nuova Simonelli/Victoria Arduino spare part. The Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino part references for this item are both 98030308. This stainless-steel boiler has a heating element permanently installed in it. The heating element produces 1000W at 230V. The boiler has a outer diameter of 77mm and a...

  • 380,97 € Add to cart In Stock

    Faema E61 2 group boiler 13.5L.When this boiler needs to replace a stainless steel boiler. Some of the pipe work needs to be replaced or remade.

  • 141,38 € Add to cart Shipment after 5 - 10 working days*

    Boiler autofill system 110V

  • 44,51 € Add to cart In Stock

    The boiler/heating element on this page is a OEM/Original Gaggia espresso machine spare part. This is a boiler hand heating element in 1 and can run on 120 and 220/240V. The original part reference for this item is EF0030/02/A and EF0030/A. The heating element in this boiler produces between 570/680W at 120 and 220/240V. This boiler has been made in...

  • 111,19 €

    Vibiemme domobar boiler 0.6L

  • 293,77 € Add to cart available on request

    Faema E61 boiler 1 group 9L

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