One of the more iconic espresso machine brands around, Gaggia Milano. Gaggia Milano is nowadays part of the Evoca Group. You have a special section for the Professional machines and also for the domestic espresso machines.

The professional machines contain traditional espresso machines, fully automatic and finally the grinders. With the traditional machines you can find models like: Gaggia La Reale, Gaggia La Giusta, Gaggia La Precisa, Gaggia Decisa, Gaggia Nera and the Gaggia Ruby. For the Fully automatic ones the Gaggia La Radiosa, Gaggia La Solare and the Gaggia Concetto Evo. And finally the grinders like the Gaggia G10 and the MD grinder models of Gaggia.

For the domestic espresso machine market you do have a list of manual machines. One of the iconic ones, the gaggia Classic, Gaggia Carezza and the Gaggia Viva. But also a variety of full automatic machines for in a small office or just at home. Like the Gaggia Magenta and the Gaggia Cadorna.

Gaggia has a rich history, which started before the 2nd world war. But it basically all started with the Gaggia Company, founded by Achille Gaggia. When he patented the gaggia lever brewing group. The company Officine Faema Brevetti Gaggia was created in 1948 and the first Gaggia came on the market the Gaggia Tipo Classica. After this a variety of models was made in the following years like the models: Gaggia Esportazione, Gaggia Internazionale, Gaggia Spagna, Gaggia Treno and the Gaggia America. Later on there where also lever espresso machines developed for the domestic market, like the Tipo Gilda 54 or the Gaggia Gilda.

After the 1960’s you see with every brand the rise of the manual, hydraulic and solenoid operated brewing groups. Like with the Tel70 and later on with the Tel 80. But Gaggia Milano has the last half century mainly success with their domestic espresso machines. With in the 1977 the Baby gaggia, designed by the Japanese designer Makio Hasuike. And finally in 1991 the the Gaggia classic, which is up to this date still in production.

When Gaggia purchased Saeco they also started to manufacture automatic espresso machines. Like the models Syncony Digital, Syncrony Logic, Titanium and Platinum.

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Gaggia Model

Gaggia Model

Gaggia Part category

Gaggia Part category

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