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The espresso machine company VBM (Vibiemme) was found in Milan in 1976. The founder of the company was Carlo Ernesto Valente. He is mainly famous from a other espresso machine brand called Faema, who are responsible for the introduction of the most used brewing group in the world. E61.

But when Carlo Ernesto Valente founded the espresso machine company VBM he was not on it’s own. That would also give some explanation about the name.

The V in VBM stands for Valente, from Carlo Ernesto Valente. The B comes from Mario Biancolini, he was the former general manager of foreign sales at Faema. And the M comes from Giorgio Merigi, he also came from Faema but he was the former general manager of national sales.

With VBM you do see in some parts of the machine resemblances of the past of which relate to Faema. The E61 style steam and water valve used on Faema E61, has quite some similarities with the one from the Faema E61. A other item is the Faema E61 brewing group, The basis in this case also comes from Faema, but the brewing group has been modified to improve the temperature stability.

There are 2 groups available for the E61, this is the manual brewing group and the E61 solenoid group.

 In the 1980’s there came a new shareholder, Pietro Osnato, who wanted to change the complete strategy of the company. The result of this was the VBM Dosatronic, the VBM Replica and the relaunch of the VBM Domobar Super. Up to this day the VBM Domobar is one of the more popular domestic espresso machines. Where made a variety of models like: Vibiemme Domobar, Vibiemme Domobar Junior, Vibiemme Domobar Super and even versions with 2b systems and PID.

Later on there where introduced a lot of new models like the VBM Cube, VBM R-Evolution and the VBM Lollo. Some of these models are still in production like the Vibiemme Replica and Lollo. But there has been launched the last few years a new model, the VBM Technique.

On this page you can find 2 search options. The Vibiemme Model page and the Vibiemme Category page. On the model page you can find a variety of models with their specific coffee machine parts. For models like: Vibiemme Chimaera, Vibiemme Lollo, Vibiemme Evolution, Vibiemme Minimax, Vibiemme Cubo, Vibiemme Dosaplus, Vibiemme Kometa and the Vibiemme Mercury.

On the Parts category page you can find a selection of parts categories used in Vibiemme espresso machines. Parts like: solenoid valves, steam valves, electronics, portafilters, pumps and a variety of other items.

If you are unable to find the parts your looking for, just send us a message and we might are able to help.

Vibiemme Model

Vibiemme Model

Vibiemme Part Category

Vibiemme Part Category

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