Vibiemme(VBM) Replica spare parts

The Vibiemme Replica coffee machine might be one of the more well know commercial coffee machines of the brand VBM. This espresso machine has been in production for quite some time, for that reason the chance that you need to repair it becomes bigger.

Model versions of the Vibiemme replica

The model Vibiemme Replica is not just 1 coffee machine model, it does have 3 model versions. Most of them have a lot of similarities, but some of them don’t have that at all. Below you can find a summarization of the different model versions.

Vibiemme Replica Electronic HX

This version of the Vibiemme Replica is the most basic one, but can still be divided into 2 different models. Both models are equipped with the Vibiemme E61 style of brewing group. But one of them is a solenoid operated one and the other one is a manual brewing group.

The solenoid operated brewing group is a volumetric espresso machine, this means that you can select one of the coffee types by pushing the push button. The volume of water running true the tubes is measured and it stops the pump when the pre-set quantity of water is met.

The manual brewing group, is also a Vibiemme E61 style of brewing group. But this one is operated with lowering and raising a lever. Which activates the pump and pushes against a variety of springs and valve components inside the brewing group

Vibiemme Replica 2B

This espresso machine does look a lot like the Replica Electronic HX, but it isn’t the same. It does have the same steam and water valves and also the brewing groups are the same. But the difference is that each brewing group has a individual boiler, so you can control the temperature of each brewing group really accurate.

With the traditional Replica Electronic the temperature is arranged with the help of a pressure switch, with this model it is done with a temperature probe. This probe measures the temperature really accurate up to a tenth of a degree.


Vibiemme Replica Manuale

The Vibiemme Replica Manuale is a model in the series of the Replica, but it is unlike the standard model. This model has been fitted with a manual operated brewing group, where the spring pressure is created with the help of a big spring in the brewing group. It is not really common nowadays that these are made

This espresso machine is made from 2 all the way up to 4 brewing groups. They use a HX boiler with a thermosyphonic piston group. 


Technical Features of the VBM Replica

The Vibiemme replica espresso machine is technically a really simple espresso machine, which is beneficial. Seen this makes it a lot easier to repair the machine. The more complex the machines become the harder it becomes to fix something.

Vibiemme portafilter

The portafilters used on the Vibiemme Replica brewing groups are universal for any of the brewing groups. So you can use the Portafilter from your Vibiemme Domobar on your Vibiemme Replica. Mainly because they use the same brewing group

Vibiemme e61 style brewing group

The brewing groups on most of the Vibiemme Replica are E61 style of brewing groups. The type VBM uses on their machines is unique to Vibiemme and you won’t find them on any other device. There are 2 model types, the manual operated brewing group and the solenoid operated one. The first one works with a series of springs and valve components. Where the solenoid operated one, only uses a solenoid valve to start and stop the brewing process(both with the help of a pump)

Misunderstanding about the name “replica”

We have experienced in various occasions that the name of this model of VBM espresso machine can be misinterpretation. It is mainly about the name “replica” the idea with some people is that it is a copy of a Vibiemme model, but the name Replica is just the name for this espresso machine


VBM Replica spare parts from Brooks

At Brooks we have a variety of spare parts for VBM Replica espresso machines. These parts can be aftermarket, but can also be OEM/original spare parts. This is specified with each product if it is a original one or not. If you can’t find the spare part your looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can find you the correct part.

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