The Italian espresso machine manufacturer Grimac is one of the less know espresso machine manufactures, even though they have been around from 1966. They make a variety of espresso machines, this ranges from semi automatic to full automatic coffee machines. The espresso machine of the Grimac brand are know for their price/quality ration, seen they are not extremely expensive espresso machines

The commercial espresso machines are in a lot of cases fitted with a E61 style of brewing group, can be solenoid operated or manual. But there are also various models which have been fitted with a solenoid operated ring brewing group. In most cases these models are available in 1, 2 and 3 group espresso machines. Some well known models of Grimac are the Grimac Eclisse, Grimac G10, Grimac G11, Grimac Mia, Grimac Zola, Grimac Ten and the Grimac Twenty.

The full automatic espresso machines are less familiar, these espresso machines only require to put a cup underneath the spouts and chose your coffee. These coffee machines are available in 2 variants, one which operates with cups and the other one with a integrated grinder. Models Grimac has made are the Grimac Ambra, Grimac Coralla, Grimac Opale and the Grimac Terry.

If you are not entirely sure which components you need or which model of Grimac espresso machine you have, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help you out.

Grimac Model

Grimac Model

Grimac Part category

Grimac Part category

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