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The espresso machine manufacturer Sanremo is not one of the oldest espresso machine manufacturers, but they have gained their reputation quite rapidly over the years with a variety of espresso machines and grinders.

The espresso machines made by Sanremo in Treviso Italy can range from the more basic espresso machines to a barista which want’s the top of the line espresso machine. The coffee machines which SanRemo makes are primarily made for the commercial market, but they do also have domestic espresso machines.

They make a variety of espresso machines, in the basis they are all solenoid operated espresso machines(except for their lever model). They use a variety of brewing groups, ranging from e61 style and ring brewing groups all the way up to their own versions used on models such as the Sanremo Opera and the San Remo Café Racer.

San Remo Model

San Remo Model

San Remo Part category

San Remo Part category

Below we will give a small overview of various models Sanremo has made over the years, with a bit of technical info about the espresso machines themselves. At Brooks-Parts we do sell a variety of spare parts for SanRemo espresso machines, this can be OEM/original spare parts or and after market ones.

The SanRemo Zoe

This model of Sanremo is one of the economic models SanRemo produces. The SanRemo Zoe is available in a 1,2,3 and a compact model. The machine itself is a single boiler heat exchanger(HX) espresso machine. The brewing group used on the Zoe is a ring brewing group, to control the dosing on this espresso machine you just need to push one of the push buttons. With this you can select various coffee types.

The SanRemo Verona

This SanRemo Verona model is one of the older models made by SanRemo, which isn’t a bad thing at all. The SanRemo Verona espresso machine comes in various boiler configurations. Seen there is a single HX model, but there is also a model the TCS which has a HX boiler and individual brewing group boilers. The brewing groups used on the San Remo Verona are e61 style of brewing groups, they are solenoid operated.

But you do also have the SanRemo Verona RS, this espresso machine does look identical to the regular SanRemo Verona but isn’t. This espresso machine is a multi boiler espresso machine, where every brewing group has a deciated boiler. This espresso machine is available in a 2 and a 3 group version

SanRemo Café Racer

One of the more high end espresso machines around is the San Remo Café Racer. This espresso machine is also a multi boiler system with thermal PID control. So each brewing group has a dedicated boiler. The boiler used on the Café Racer is one of the own design of San Rem, what makes this brewing group unique is that it is made from stainless steel. This is quite uncommon, seen most brewing groups are made from brass. On top of these brewing groups you will find a display and the coffee selection buttons.

A other thing which makes the open frame structure. Next to this open frame structure you can customize this espresso machine, such as wooden panels and a variety of paint colours.

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