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Casadio - Theo 

Casadio - Theo coffee grinder parts

On this product page you will find various models of the Casadio Theo coffee grinder. There are in total 3 versions of the Casadio Theo;

Casadio Theo 64;

Casadio Theo 84;

Casadio Theo Conico


Casadio Theo 64

The Casadio Theo 64, which is a doser coffee grinder. This means that there is a small stock of ground coffee in the doser. This coffee grinder does have flat burrs, these are only smaller then with the Theo 84 coffee grinder. This Coffee grinder is available in a 100-120V and a 220/240V version.


Casadio Theo 84

The Casadio Theo 84 is a doser coffee grinder like all the other Theo versions, but this one has a different type of grinding burrs. Besides that this version is not available in a 100-120V config. Only in 220/240V single phase and 380/415V three phase.


Casadio Theo Conical

The Casadio Theo Conical is slightly different, and it’s in the name. This coffee grinder uses conical burrs instead of flat grinding burrs. This espresso coffee grinder is also a doser coffee grinder as the rest of the Casadio Theo models. This grinder is not available in a 100-120V config. Only in a 220/240V and 400V version.

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