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On this page you can find the selection menu for your Wega Macchine per Caffé division espresso machine parts.

In 1985 the Wega Macchine per Caffé division was founded and became part of the Astoria CMA group. It doesn’t have such a rich history as the Astoria CMA company itself.

Wega is part of the of the Astoria CMA group and is one of the biggest manufacturers of espresso machines in the world. The Astoria CMA group exists out of Astoria CMA and Wega. They have quite a lot of similarities. They both have the same market and produce mainly commercial espresso machines and grinders for the ho-re-ca.

For it’s short company age Wega has manufacturered quite a lot of espresso machines throughout the years. From standard pump operated coffee machines to lever espresso machines. The lever machine was the Wega Vela Leva espresso machine. The pump driven machines are the Wega Atlas, Wega Concept, Wega Nova, Wega Orion, Wega Polars. Some of these models are not in production anymore.

But there are new models of Wega like: the Wega Wbar, Wega Pegaso, Wega Urban, Wega MyConcept, Wega Airy and the Wega Io

They have, the same as Astoria CMA, a variety of coffee grinders in production like: Wega 58 instant, Wega 64 Doser, Wega 64 Instant and the Wega 83 Instant.

In the model selection category for Wega coffee machines like: Wega Concept, Wega Nova and the Wega Orion.

On the parts category page you can make a selection out of parts used on Wega Espresso machines. You can select based on the part types like: Solenoid valve, brewing group type, pressure switch, flowmeter and so on

If you are unable to find the part your looking for, just send us a message.


Wega Model

Wega Model

Wega Part category

Wega Part category

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