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No. There are a lot of models which are interchangable, such as with a lot of e61 style brewing groups. But in a lot of cases the dimensions do vary

Group gasket

Group gasket

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Commercial espresso machine parts Group gasket

On this product overview page you will find a selection of group locking gaskets. These gaskets are used to install a espresso machine brewing group to a machine frame or to a boiler. Some espresso machines don’t even use a group locking gasket.

There are 2 versions.

The group locking gasket attaches to a espresso machine boiler directly and the gasket needs to make a water tight seal. So for this application you will find gaskets made from PTFE or fibre materials

The other one is a group locking gasket only uses it as a dampening function. For instance, on the Faema E61 and E61 style brewing groups. For this application the primary use is paper gasket material, seen it’s cheaper. But you will also find other materials like fibre.

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