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No. There are a lot of models which are interchangable, such as with a lot of e61 style brewing groups. But in a lot of cases the dimensions do vary



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Electrical switches on espresso machines can be found on espresso machines for various applications and in different versions. There are 2 main type categories of switches.

  • Main power switches;
  • Rocker switches

Main power switch

The main power switch is used to turn on the espresso machine, solely commercial espresso machines. This is a selector switch which can have a amp rating up to 32A and can have up to 3 positions. These switches are made by the Italian companies Bremas and Giovenzana.

Rocker switch.

Rocker switches can be found on domestic as well as on commercial espresso machines and they are primarily used to turn the machines on and off. But rocker switches are also used with non volumetric espresso machines to start the brewing process or to turn on a cup warmer. Most of these switches are rated up to 16A at 250V. The rocker itself can also have silk screen printing or a light or colour behind it.

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