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Espresso Machine Cleaning and Maintenance Tools

This is the Tools category. What can you find in the Tools category, basically everything you need to keep a tidy and clean working environment at your bar/coffee shop and restaurant.

One key component are coffee ground knock boxes. These can be made for domestic applications or for commercial applications. For domestic use the Ribelle, a South African made, knock box ideal. For more commercial applications you do need to look at Ronda and Priolinox knock boxes.

On the Barista Accessory tab you will find various items such as tamper stands, tampers, milk pitchers, grinder brushes and brewing group. These items are made by brands such as Brooks, Pällo and Motta.

You can find various cleaning detergents made by Puly Caff, Cafetto and Urnex Cafiza. These manufacturers make various products such as steam tube cleaners, brewing group liquids, tablets and powders. But also coffee grinder burr cleaning crystals and  bar sanitizing spray bottles.

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