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Eureka - Lusso MDLCA75 

Eureka - Lusso MDLCA75 

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Eureka - Lusso MDLCA75 coffee grinder parts

  • 19,40 € Add to cart Shipment after 5 -10 working days

    On this product page you will find a set of grinding burrs which is suitable for various Eureka and Nuova Simonelli coffee grinders. The part references for this item are for Eureka MAC64, MAC64CP, MAC64TR and MAC65. For Nuova Simonelli the part reference is 15050001    These grinding burrs have a outer diameter of 64mm a inner...

  • 2,77 € Add to cart Shipment after 5 -10 working days

    The spring on this product page is a OEM/original Eureka coffee grinder spare part. You can find this spring on coffee grinders made by Eureka and Nuova Simonelli. The part reference for this item is for Eureka 6002.1286 and for Nuova Simonelli 15050014. This coffee grinder spring has a outer diameter of 4,5mm and a length of 12mm. This compression...

  • 36,40 € Add to cart Shipment after 5 -10 working days

    The grinding blades on this page can be used on a variety of coffee grinders. The brands like Nuova Simonelli (15080002) and the Eureka (MAC74) The outer diameter of this burr is 74mm. The inner diameter of the burr measures 38mm and the thickness measures 9mm. To fix the burrs to the grinder there are 3 mounting holes. The grinding blade is a right...

  • 8,89 € Add to cart In Stock

    The item on this product page is a OEM/Original coffee collecting tray made by the Italian coffee grinder company Eureka. This item can also be used on various Nuova Simonelli coffee grinders. The Eureka part reference for this item is 2501.0005 and for Nuova Simonelli it is 15080038. This coffee collecting tray has been made from a black plastic....

  • 4,44 € Add to cart In Stock

    This microswitch can be used with a huge variety of coffee grinders. This ranges from Casadio, San Marco, La Cimbali, Vibiemme, Cunhill, Eureka, La Spaziale, Brasilia and so on. For the complete list check the extra info tab for brands, models and product codes The specific microswitch is mainly used as a doser microswitch in the coffee doser. This...

  • 37,09 € Add to cart Shipment after 5 -10 working days

    This burr holder is used on a couple of coffee grinder brands. Nuova Simonelli (15080009 ) and Eureka(2520.0005). On this part the bottom burr (15030057) is also attached with 3 screws. This is also the rotating burr, seen it is attached to the motor shaft. On which grinders can I use this burr holder? On the Nuova Simonelli MDL, Nuova Simonelli...

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