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Pump motor 

Pump motor 

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On a espresso machine you need a pump to get the requested pump pressure, this is not the case when you have a lever operated espresso machine. In the case of a vibration pump you don’t need a additional pump motor. But when you have a rotation pump you do require a motor with it. There are a variety of pump motors with a variety of specifications which make not every motor suitable for your espresso machine. Below you will find a overview of these characteristics of the variety of motors.

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    To connect a flange pump and flange motor to each other you need to have 2 coupling plates and a rubber middle coupler which connects the coupling plates to eachother. This rubber motor pump coupling is universal and can be used with the metal coupling plates with a rounded off shaft and with the slitted pump coupling connection. These type of couplings...

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    Where the classic Faema E61 espresso machine had a external motor. The Faema E61 Legend and Faema E61 jubilé has a internal espresso machine motor. The motor used in a Faema E61 legend and Jubile is made by Elettromeccanica Ing F. Arduini and has 150W with 230V 50-60Hz. To start the motor there is a condenser installed of 10 µf. The coffee...

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    The motor on this product page is made by the Italian company RPM, this motor can be used on various Bezzera espresso machines. The Bezzera part reference number for this item is 7742202. This model of RPM motor is the C0137.80, this is a clamp on motor. So not suitable in combination with flange pumps. This model produces 120W at 230V at 50/60Hz and has...

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    On this page you wild find a IPC clamp ring motor(model YDK94/50-4-150B8), suitable for the use with espresso machine pumps. This motor has a wattage of 150W with 220/240V 50/60Hz. To start the motor it uses a 6 µf capacitor. This model is a clamp ring motor, so the pump will be attached to the clamp ring of the espresso machine motor with a...

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    This RPM clamp ring motor is suitable for La Cimbali espresso machines (part number: 530296900) . The motor already comes with a connector, so it can be installed right awaywith the specs 220/240V 50/60Hz Capacitor 6 µF. CE certified.

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    This RPM motor pump(model number C042204) is one of the more uncommon espresso machine pumps used. The cooling of this motor occurs by running the water which comes out of the pump true the motor to cool it down. This type of coffee machine pump is only used by the Astoria CMA group, so you would only see them on Astoria CMA and Wega espresso machines....

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    The espresso machine motor on this page is made by the Italian electric motor manufacturer RPM. This motor is intended to be used as a exterior motor, so that it isn’t installed inside the machine. The motor is a good motor to use with a vintage espresso machine like the Faema E61. Currently this coffee machine motor can be used on a variety of...

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    The main manufacturer of espresso machine motor pumps comes from Italy and that is RPM. This coffee machine motor has also been manufactured by RPM, with the model number 11002755. The motor procures 165W 220V with 50Hz. To start up the motor the capacitor needs 10 µf. The special thing with this motor. It has a junction box mounted on the side of...

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    This item is one of the smaller models espresso machine motors made by the Italian electric motor manufacturer. The model code of this motor is C010709. This specific model is used on San Remo espresso machines. The power output of this motor is 150W at 230V with 50/60Hz. To start this motor you need a 6 µf motor capacitor. This motor includes the...

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    With Faema and La Cimbali flange pumps there is a additional coupling between the flanged motor and the flanged pump. This coupling is made of 2 metal couplings. 1 connects to the espresso machine motor shaft, the other connects to the pump. Note: this coupling has a round shaft opening with a flat side. The metal connectors have a OD of 40mm. In between...

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    This motor by RPM is a more uncommon type of espresso machine pump motor(model C042300). It is a clamp ring pump motor, but the water entering the machine is also used to cool the motor. This motor is only used by the Astoria CMA group, so by Astoria and Wega. This specific model has 310W 110/120V with 50/60Hz. To start the motor it uses a capacitor of...

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    The motor on this page is manufactured by the Italian motor manufacturer RPM for the Rancilio espresso machine company. This motor is a OEM/original Rancilio part. The Rancilio part for this motor is 34011102/34011006  The motor itself is model number C040800. This motor gives 150W of power at 230V at 50/60Hz. The motor comes including a capacitor...

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    The item on this page is a rubber motor coupling. This coupling can be used on various Faema and Cimbali espresso machines. There are 2 types of couplings the 35mm and the 40mm coupling. This is the 35mm This coupling is used on the Faema E61 legend and Faema E61 Jubilee espresso machines, the 40mm coupling won’t fit this application. The Faema...

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    This espresso machine motor is produced by the Italian company RPM (model 11039007). This model is a flange espresso machine motor instead of a clamp ring motor. These types of motors are common with brands like Faema, La Cimbali and Casadio. This specific motor has 150W 230V with 50/60Hz. To start the motor there is capacitor attached to the pump motor...

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    This espresso machine motor is made by the Italian company RPM (model number 11002728). The motor itself has 165W with 230V 50/60hz. To power the motor up it has a capacitor of 10 µf. This is one of the more standardized espresso machine motors and is being used by a variety of coffee machine manufacturers. This ranges from brands like Astoria,...

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    A rubber shock absorber prevents a rattling noise on your espresso machine. The damper on this page is ideal to put underneath your espresso machine pump motor. This specific model of motor support absorber can be used on Astoria and Wega espresso machines. You can use them offcourse on any espresso machine motor you want. The corresponding part number...

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    On this page you will find a motor mainly used for older model espresso machines from Faema like: Faema Due, Faema E91, Faema E92, Faema Star and Faema Tronic. This motor is build by the Italian company Elettromeccanica ing. F. Arduini. This is a 170W pump motor which runs on 220V with 50/60hz. To start the motor you need a start capacitor, on this...

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    This motor is made by RPM from Italy with model number for this pump motor C013728. It has a power of 120W with 230V at 50Hz. The start capacitor for this motor is a 8 µf. This espresso machine motor is used in combination with a clamp on rotatry vane pump. This motor is clamped to the flange with a stainless steel motor clamp. For this motor a...

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As stated above there are a variety of espresso machine pump motors available all with their own unique features. These features mainly depend on which brand the pump motor is used for.

The manufacturers of espresso machine motors isn’t that big. The motors mainly used on espresso machines are made by the Italian company RPM. But there are also other brands of manufacturers such as Ulka. Sisme, SMA, Elettromeccanica Ing. F. Arduini from Milano and the Chinese made IPC motors.


These types of pump motor are solely single phase, to start the motor you require a start capacitor for this purpose. In most cases they are fitted with a bracket to the motor of the espresso machine or located close to the motor. In this case it does depend if you have a 110V or a 230V, seen the capacity of a starting capacitor needs to be higher for a 110V motor then for a 230V model.


The most common method to connect the pump to the motor is done with a stainless steel clamp. This clamp clamps the flange of the motor against the flange of the pump.

The other type is a bolt on flange. This type uses, depending on the pump, 2 or 3 bolts to attach the pump to the flange of the pump motor. This type of flange is only used on brands of the Gruppo Cimbali, so you will find this type on brands such as Cimbali, Faema and Casadio.

For this type of flange various manufacturers of motors make versions, such as RPM, SMA and Elettromeccanica Ing. F. Arduini.

Motor shaft

The most common motor shaft used on pump motors for espresso machines is the version which receives a straight rectangular shaft. The motors used on the espresso machines of the Cimbali group use a different system. With this brand you can’t connect the pump directly to the motor, you do require a coupling set for that. But be aware that those come in 2 different sizes, the biggest one is the most common one. The small size is only used in combination with the motors of Elettromeccanica Ing. F. Arduini

Motor cooling

Not every brand does have a motor cooling feature. There are 2 types, air and water cooled. The air cooled motors are the most common of the cooling type. Most pump motors don’t have a special fan for motor cooling.

The water cooled pump motor is solely used on Astoria CMA espresso machines, so you will find them on Astoria and Wega espresso machines. These motors have a copper tube wrapped around them, for this purpose the water coming into the espresso machine is used. This motor is also made by the Italian company RPM, it is available in a 110 and a 230V version.


Troubleshooting the motor of a espresso machine pump

The motor in my espresso machine doesn’t start anymore.

The first thing is use a multi meter to check if your have power going to wards the motor. If that is the case, measure the capacitor of the motor. In most cases this is the issue that your motor won’t start. Replace it with a capacitor with the same specifications.

The motor makes a loud noise when it is running.

In most cases this is caused by the bearings. They are located at the front and the back of the motor shaft. In most cases these are sealed bearings, so they have grease already inside. So regreasing won’t be a option. You can replace the bearings or replace the entire motor.

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