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Steam tube

Steam tube

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Commercial espresso machine steam tube

On this product overview page you will find a variety of espresso machine steam wands, these steaming wands come in a variety of shapes, materials and finishes. In a variety of coffee machine brands such as Nuova Simonelli, Faema, La Cimbali, Rocket, ECM.

There are multiple features you need to pay attention to when you are selecting your steam wand.

  • What is the brand of the espresso machine where the steam wand is for?
  • What is the model of espresso machine where the steam wand needs to be used on, the connections and shapes can vary with brands;
  • The fitting of the milk steaming wands, this can be a male or a female screw thread. Or can also be different in size;
  • Material of the milk steaming wand, most steam wands are made from stainless steel. But you can also find them as chrome plated copper tubing.
  • Finally what is the kind of steam tip. There are multiple models available. With just 1 hole or multiple holes. They all give a different result with milk frothing.

What is the best way to clean off the milk of my steam wand? Let the steam wand soak overnight in the Puly milk. This will completely remove the milk residues from the steam wand and steam tip.  

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