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Steam valve parts 

Steam valve parts 

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Commercial espresso machine steam valve parts

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    This brass valve fitting is one of the most used components for steam and water valves. You will find this item on a variety of brands such as Faema, Marzocco, La Scala, La Pavoni and Vibiemme. This brass fitting has in total 3 screw threads. 1 for fixing it to the valve body, 1 for fixing the valve to the machine and the other one for the valve knob....

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    The steam valve bushing on this page is used in one of the most common steam and water valves used. This item can be used with brands such as Marzocco, La Carimali, San Remo, La Scala, Faema, La Pavoni and BFC. Against this brass bushing seats a valve shaft spring. This bushing pushes against 2 o rings which seal off the steam valve shaft. This bushing...

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    This stainless steel pin is a OEM/Original Bezzera spare part. This pin transfers on the steam and water valve a vertical motion to a horizontal motion. This pin has the Bezzera part reference 5225610. This stainless steel pin has a overall length of 33,6mm. The head has a diameter of 14mm and the thread used is a male M8. You can use this stainless...

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    Rancilio steam./water valve chromed nut

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    This item on this page is a OEM/Original Gaggia spare part. This is used in various steam valves of Gaggia. The Gaggia part reference number for this item is RB0738. This is a fitting which makes the steam tube able to articulate. To seal off this fitting there need to be installed 2 o rings 2,62x15,08mm. These don’t come with the fitting. This...

  • 79,08 € Add to cart available on request

    The item on this page is a casted steam valve body, which is suitable for various La Cimbali espresso machines. The La Cimbali part references are 485605000, 485-605-000, 485605010, 485-605-010, 985-759-000, 985759010F and 985-759-010F  This steam valve has been casted and machined afterwards. The orientation of the outlet is at a angle of 90...

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    The item on this product page is a steam tab coupling busing. This bushing has been used with various espresso machine brands such as Carimali, San Remo, La Spaziale, Nuova Simonelli, La Pavoni, Victoria Arduino and Rocket. This coupling bushing has been made from brass. The external diameters are 12mm and 8,5mm. The internal hole is 7mm and the...

  • 5,94 € Add to cart Shipment after 4 - 8 working days

    This steam and water valve knob for your Vibiemme ( MANPRUSC ) Domobar Junior and Domobar Super. The outer dimensions of this knob are 35x35mm. note there is also a type knob available which has the dimensions 43x43mm. so slightly bigger. The internal hole of the steam and water valve knob is a square of 6x6mm. This steam and water tab knob can be...

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    The item on this page is a OEM/original La Carimali spare part. This item is the pin where the lever mechanism of the steam and water valve moves around. The La Carimali part reference number for this item is 14.00848. This steam and water valve pin has a diameter of 6mm and a overall length of 25,5mm. this item has been made in Italy. This valve pin...

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