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Making a good espresso does not only begins with a good espresso machine, but also a coffee grinder. Some barista’s state that a good coffee grinder is even more important then a good espresso machine. seen the consistency of your coffee grind makes a huge difference on the espresso you make.
There are a variety of coffee grinders and models available on the market. You can distinguish 2 model types. The “on demand” coffee grinder and the Doser coffee grinder. Both these coffee grinders are electric coffee grinders but the “on demand” version only grinds the coffee you need and the doser coffee grinder has a small storage doser on the front.
These coffee grinders can be made by a variety of brands such as Mazzer, Macap, Anfim, Nuova Simonelli, Victoria Arduino and Mahlkönig. These brands make a wide selection of coffee grinder models, but the essence of them is the same. Grinding coffee beans.

There are a couple of countries where coffee grinders are being made, maybe the most logic one is Italy. But there are also coffee grinders made in other countries such as Germany, Spain and Swiss.

In Italy you will find a variety of coffee grinder brands such as Eureka, Astoria, Anfim, Brasilia, Bezzera, Casadio, Cimbali, Faema, Fiorenzato, Mazzer, Nuova Simonelli, Spaziale, Rancilio and Victoria Arduino. These brands have a variety of coffee grinders, but that doesn’t mean that all the brands make the grinders themselves. Some of them are re-branded, you will find various models under various brands.

In Germany you will find one of most famous coffee grinders, Mahlkönig. This brand produces various types of grinders, from the Mahlkönig Guatemala shop grinder to allround grinders such as the EK43 and espresso grinders such as the E80S and the E75S. But also industrial size grinders such as the DK 15 and the DK27 coffee girnder.

In swiss you have the grinder brand Ditting, this brand is also part of the Hemro Group. Where also Mahlkonig part of is. They build a variety of coffee grinder types such as various models of shop grinders and industrial versions.  They are elegant but simple in design.

Types of coffee grinder
As mentioned above the most common types of coffee grinders in bars, hotels and restaurants are doser coffee grinders and “on demand” models. The “on demand” coffee grinders are relatively new and are taking over partially the market of doser coffee grinders. That has to do that if you have a on demand coffee grinder the coffee is always fresh instead of having ground coffee in a storage doser.
Next to the 2 types you have a other important feature. That is the type of grinding burr used on the grinder. There are 2 models, the flat and the conical version. Both have their pro’s and con’s. they do also come in various sizes and coating to improve the longevity of the burrs.

But to always have a consistent grind of group coffee beans you do need to maintain the grinder. This means cleaning the coffee grinder on a daily basis. Seen old coffee residue is not good for your espresso. This can be done with various cleaning solution such as Puly grind crystals, but with a brush you will always get pretty far.

In the case of the spare parts for coffee grinders, we do always advice to have some spare parts in stock for your grinder. Seen if a basic spare part is broken on your grinder, you can’t sell coffee. We do advice to have a spare set of grinding burrs in stock, they are relatively inexpensive and easy to replace. Don’t forget to unplug the grinder.


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