Grinder parts

One of the most important machines for preparing coffee is a good coffee grinder, in some cases even more important than a good espresso machine.It doesn't matter whether you have a manual coffee grinder or an electric coffee grinder, both will need parts for your coffee grinder at some point.

Our offer

At Brooks Parts we have an extensive range of coffee grinder parts for bean grinders, whether it's a Mazzer, Fiorenzato, Cimbali or a Compak coffee grinder we can supply most parts for a variety of coffee grinders. On our website, you can order a wide range of coffee grinder parts by simply using our filter options. 

Delivery times and warranty

Most common coffee grinder parts such as grinding burrs, hoppers, springs, bearings and seals are in stock or available within a few days. Some parts will have to be specially ordered, the disadvantage of this can be that delivery times of coffee machine/coffee grinder parts are quite long. This depends on the brand. 

Important parts for coffee grinders

What parts/components are on a coffee grinder depends on several things. Is this a coffee grinder with a doser, or an on-demand model. It doesn't matter whether you have a Mahlkönig, Macap or Quamar coffee grinder, essentially the functionality is pretty much the same from most brands. But the parts are not the same. For example, you can't interchange parts like coffee hoppers, grinding discs and microswitches between many different ones. 

You do see a number of coffee grinder manufacturers producing for other espresso machine manufacturers, like, for example, Eureka for Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino or Mazzer for Astoria and Wega. 

Grinding Burrs

The part that is perhaps the most complicated and high-maintenance is the grinding discs. The grinding discs on commercial and home coffee grinders come in 2 different types, the most common version being the flat grinding burrs. But apart from that, you also have conical grinding discs, you see these a bit less but will mainly see them on commercial coffee grinders. 

When you fit new grinding discs, you will also have to redo your entire setting of your coffee grinder. So you can't transfer them 1:1 in one go. This takes quite some time to do properly, but then you will also have a good result with new grinding discs. 


The motor on a coffee grinder rotates the lower grinding disc, while the upper one is the stationary one and is used to set the fineness or coarseness of grind. In most cases, these motors are single-phase motors, so they can simply be connected to 230V. For this, you just need a capacitor, otherwise the coffee grinder's motor will not start. 

Control panel


How you operate a coffee grinder depends mainly on which model of coffee grinder you have. Considering it works differently with a Doser coffee grinder than an On demand model.

Coffee grinder with doser. This type of coffee grinder works partially autonomously. When you want coffee, you pull the lever on the side of the doser and coffee falls out of the bottom of the grinder. After x number of doses, the coffee grinder will grind for x number of seconds.

On-demand coffee grinder. In this case, the coffee grinder will grind for a preset time. But you can also go for the manual option, in which you push your filter carrier against the micro switch. When you remove it, the grinder will also stop grinding the coffee. 


Cleaning coffee grinder

Cleaning coffee grinders is done quite infrequently, although you have plenty of products to do this easily. When you do this on time, you ensure that your coffee grinder lasts longer and no old coffee is left behind.

You can clean your coffee grinder in 2 ways by using different coffee grinder accessories and cleaning products. The most visible and simple ways of cleaning the coffee grinder is the coffee hopper and the outside. You can do this just fine with Puly Bar igienic and a brooks microfibre cloth.

You can also clean the grinding discs, you can do this by grinding Puly grind cleaning crystals through the coffee grinder. These crystals largely remove all old coffee residues, if this has not been done for a long time you will have to do this manually. Always unplug the machine when doing this! 

Order coffee grinder parts online from Brooks

On our website, you can order a variety of coffee grinder parts, whether it's small springs or coffee scrapers from a doser coffee grinder. Or the control panels of on-demand coffee grinders, we have it all.

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