La Cimbali coffee grinder parts

On this model page you will find various coffee grinders made by the La Cimbali group. This brand is part of the La Cimbali group, with various other brands such as Faema and Casadio.

The grinders you will find on this category are models such as the Cimbali Conik, Cimbali MD Cadet, Cimbali MD junior, Cimbali MagnumCimbali Magnum on demand and the Cimbali 6/S.

These coffee grinders have all their own unique properties. Some of these grinders are doser coffee grinders, so they have a doser container on the front of the coffee grinder. Or a on demand version which only grinds coffee when you need it.

You can find a variety of spare parts for the La Cimbali coffee grinders on these pages such as machine feet, coffee hoppers, coffee trays, hopper lids,microswitches, doser springsdoser stars and coffee grinding burrs.

Both these grinder types can be equipped with flat grinding blades, but some of them use conical grinding blades. This does result in price differences between grinders, seen conical burrs are more expensive.

With modern La Cimbali coffee grinders you can find options such as wireless connectivity so that the coffee grinder knows which portafilter you will use for which type of coffee, this can be found on the Magnum On Demand Wireless. But a new feature on the Cimbali Elective, their newest grinder, is a Autotamper, which gives the right amount off pressure to compress your coffee grounds

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