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Mazzer Super Jolly doser coffee grinder parts

The coffee grinder on this model page is the Mazzer Super Jolly doser version, this coffee grinder is ideally used in bars, restaurants, hotels. This commercial coffee grinder is one of the Doser type. This means that there is doser on the front of the coffee grinder which holds a specific amount of pre-ground coffee. This is different then for instance a on demand coffee grinder where the coffee is ground on request.

The Mazzer Super Jolly Doser is available in a single phase 110 and 230V version, these models require a start capacitor. Note there are various versions of start capacitor available. There is also a tree phase version of the Mazzer Super Jolly coffee grinder available.

This specific coffee grinder uses flat grinding burrs. With a clockwise turning direction. The outer diameter is 64mm, the internal diameter is 37mm and the thickness is 8,4mm. There are 3 mounting holes to install the grinding burrs.  Note: the single phase burrs are not identical to the 3 phase grinding burrs.

Mazzer Super Jolly doser coffee grinder parts

Mazzer Super Jolly doser

Mazzer burrs spring 10x23.6mm

On a variety of Mazzer coffee grinders you can find this grind adjustment spring. So, what does this spring do? Well, this spring supports the upper burr holder. So, when the burrs are set on the finest position, but you want to make them a bit coarser. You turn the grind setting adjustment ring outward. The springs will push the upper burr in its correct...

Bipolar timer 50 seconds 16A 250V

Some coffee grinder models use a timer switch to turn on the coffee grinder. This specific switch is used with grinders, primarily doser models, of the brands Astoria, Fiorenzato M.C. and Mazzer. For Astoria you can find this timer switch in models such as the Astoria Super Jolly and the Astoria Major. For Fiorenzato you can find them in various models of...

Mazzer doser lid 125mm

Some of the grinders Mazzer manufacturers are doser versions. These doser versions have a container in the front of the grinder housing. This doser contains a ready to use amount of ground coffee. This doser has a fixed size for Mazzer grinders, so as well for the specific item on this page. The doser lid. This item has a external diameter of 125mm and is...

Mazzer adjustment ring

On this page you will find the Mazzer burr adjustment ring. When you want a finer or coarser setting on your Mazzer burrs, you just need to turn this brass and threaded adjustment ring inward or outward. You can do this with the adjustment ring pin, with a m5 thread, which stick into the side of the burr adjustment ring(S00SPEA00) on various locations of...

Mazzer AER stop gasket

Every Mazzer coffee grinder has this item installed. The AER gasket. This gasket is located between the coffee doser and the body or between the funnel and the body. The item has the part numbers S000GUA01 or S000GUA01/QQQ  You can find this item on the doser models of the Mazzer coffee grinder models: Mini, Lux, Super Jolly, Major, Kony,...

Mazzer motor rotation sticker

The sticker on this page basically says it all. It’s a Mazzer rotation sticker. The reason why they place this seen there are left and right turning motors. You do have also with a variety of brands where the motor spins the left way, like with Mazzer. But there are also brands which have a right turning motor. The blade design of the burrs for such...

Mazzer upper star with pin

The item on this page is a the top dosing star. It is used in the doser machines of Mazzer. This item is a OEM/Original Mazzer spare part. The part references for this item are SMJSSTA04 and SSJSSTA04 This male doser star has been casted and machined afterwards. The outer diameter of this star is 108mm. This upper star has been made in Italy. You can...

Capacitor 8μF 450V

The capacitor on this page is a 8µF model. This model is manufactured by the Italian company Ducati Energia. The part reference for this item is 41610.1364. This capacitor can be found on a variety of coffee grinders and pump motors of the brands such as Faema, Vibiemme, Anfim, Astoria, Mazzer, Wega and so on. This capacitor produces 8µF at...

Mazzer coffee tamper 53mm

The tamper on this product p age is a OEM/Original Mazzer spare part. This tamper is attached to the coffee grinder. The Mazzer part references for this item are S000PRA02/A, S000PRA02/QAQ. S000PRA02A and S000PRA02-A. This original tamper has been made from black plastic. The outer diameter of this tamper is 53mm. This tamper has been made in Italy...

Mazzer doser star female

The item on this product page is a OEM/Original Mazzer spare part. Is a female start used in the coffee doser. The Mazzer part references for this item are S000STA03, S000STA03/B and S000STA03/BQQ. This female dosing star has been made in Italy  This item can be used on the Mazzer M100, Mazzer Mini, Mazzer Lux, Mazzer Super Jolly, Mazzer Major,...

Mazzer lower microrelease spring

The spring on this product is a OEM/Original Mazzer spare part.  The Mazzer part reference for this item is S000MOB06. This compression spring is the lower micro release spring. This spring has a outer diameter of 13mm a inner diameter of 10,53 and a length of 15mm. This spring has been made in Italy. This spring is used in the doser versions of...

Mazzer doser pawl

The item on this product page is a OEM/Original Mazzer spare part. The part references for this item are S000CRA01, S000CRA02, S000CRA02/AQQ, S00SCRA02 and S00SCRA02/QQQ. This doser pawl has been made from casted and machined brass. This item is used in the doser mechanism of various Mazzer coffee grinders. The item has been made in Italy. This...