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No. There are a lot of models which are interchangable, such as with a lot of e61 style brewing groups. But in a lot of cases the dimensions do vary

Astoria Divina - Boiler

Astoria Divina - Boiler

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On the Astoria Divina espresso machines you have a variety of boiler components, mainly due to the many types of boilers used on the Divina. This espresso machine is made from 1 brewing group all the way up to 4 brewing groups. So that means you need 4 types of different boilers. But most components are similar between the models.

The boiler type used on the Astoria Divina is a open model on one side, with Heat Exchangers(HX). This side is sealed off with a boiler gasket and a flange. In this flange you will also find the heating element. The heating elements range from 1700W for a single group, all the way up to 7000W for a 4 group model. The 1 and 2 group versions are also available in a 120V configuration.

The brand Astoria CMA is one of the few brands which uses removable HX on their espresso machines, this is also the case with the Divina. This makes it possible to fix a broken HX in the boiler.

Other components you will find on the Divina are a level probe, vacuum valve, safety switch with cover and drain, various type of fittings and the pressure switch.

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