Astoria - Brewing group 

The brewing groups on this page are all Astoria CMA brewing groups. There are various versions with different dimensions, which are not always interchangeable with each other.  There are in total 4 different types of brewing group sizes

The standard size of brewing group uses a outer diameter portafilter of 72mm and a inner diameter of 56mm. this brewing group can be found on models such as the Astoria Adria, Astoria Brava, Astoria Dora, Astoria Pratic, Astoria Vania, Astoria Divina and the Astoria Gloria.

The less common brewing group size is the one used on the Astoria Plus 4 You espresso machines, this brewing group uses a portafilter gasket with a outer diameter of 64mm and a inner diameter of 52mm. The standard Astoria/Wega portafilters do not fit this brewing group.

The lever brewing group, this is the lever operated brewing group used on for instance the Astoria Rapallo AL, this portafilter has a outer diameter of 67mm and a inner diameter of 56mm.  for more info check our brooks-espressomachines website.

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