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Conti - pressure switch 

Conti - pressure switch 

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Conti espresso machine parts pressure switch

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    The P303T01 a more lightweight 3 phase pressure switch then the Asco P302/6 3 phase pressure switch. The difference is also that the P302/6 has a partially metal cover. And the P303T01 has a full plastic cover. This pressure switch has been used espresso machines like: Bianchi, Fiamma and Orchestrale.Nowadays these pressure switches are named Asco, in...

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    This pressure switch is the only pressure switch Parker builds for the espresso machine market, brands like Asco (Sirai) and Ma-Ter are a lot more well know for this application. But it doesn’t mean that they can’t be made by someone else. This Parker pressure switch is the model PS325-1C-SX (part numbers 870502 and 870500) is a 3 phase...

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    Probably the most used pressure switch used on the Asco P302/6 a 3 phase pressure switch. This pressure switch has been used espresso machines like: La Marzocco, Faema, Cimbali, Astoria, Wega, Nuova Simonelli, La Spaziale, San Remo and so on.The brand Asco used to be the company Sirai, since a while this name has changed but the product remains the same....

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    The Ma-Ter XP 110 pressure switch. One of the most used pressure switch models. Mainly used in domestic espresso machines, but you will also find them in commercial espresso machines. Used on Bezzera, Astoria, Cimbali, ECM and Profitec espresso machines. The thread is a ¼” BSP-G. The pressure reach is 0,5-1.5bar. It is pre-set at 1,0 bar....

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