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Faema E98 President - Electrics

The electronics used on the Faema E98 President are quite limited. This does also depend on what kind of Faema E98 you have, seen the volumetric model requires different components then the non volumetric model.

The Faema E98 President S is fitted with electrical components like a level regulator, pressure switch, brewing group switch, main power swich and a safety thermostat. Where the Faema E98 President A is fitted with components like a level regulator/dosing device, touch panel, main power switch, safety thermostat and a flowmeter

Note: there are 2 type of touch panels installed on the Faema E98 President. There is a blue and a red version. The blue touch panel membrane is for the regular E98, the red version is for the E98 President Restyling.

Faema E98 President - Electrics

Bremas switch 20A 0-1-2

The selector switch on this page is used in a variety of Cimbali and Faema espresso machines. The part reference for Cimbali is 532-011-608 and for Faema it is 532011608. This switch has been made by the Italian company Bremas, their part reference is Bremas CS017712. This selector switch is rated up to 20A at 600V. There are 3 positions. 0-1-2....

Electronic board cpu Faema / Cimbali

On this product page you will find a CPU/electronic board which can be used on a variety of espresso machine models by La Cimbali and Faema. This electronic board has been made in the EU. The dimensions are 125x120mm. This unit can be used on the Cimbali M24, Cimbali M24 Select, Cimbali M22, Cimbali M24, Cimbali M27-2008, Cimbali M29 and the La Cimbali...

Faema E98/A restyling touchpanel

On this product page you will find a touchpad membrane for the Faema E98 President Restyling. But this item can as well be used on the La Cimbali M27-2008. The part number for this item is with Cimbali 915-400-000 and with Faema 915400000. This item is different then the touchpanel of the Faema E98 President, the colour of that touchpanel is blue....

Bremas switch 0 - 2 20A 600V

The main power switch on this page is mainly used on some models of espresso machines of the La Cimbali group. You can find it on brands such as Casadio (532020208 ), Faema (532020208) and Cimbali 532-020-208  This Bremas main power switch has 3 positions, 0-1-2. The switch has been rated up to 20A at 600V. The part references for this switch...

Faema E98 touchpanel

On this product page you will find a touchpanel membrane for the Faema E98 espresso machine. The part reference for this item is 3301134927. This touchpanel membrane has in total 5 pre-set volumetric keys. The bottom key is the continuous and the programming key. With this programming key you can adjust the volumetric keys. This item has been made in...

Faema & Cimbali water level pcb

The item on this product page is a level regulator board for various la Cimbali and Faema espresso machines. The Cimbali part reference numbers for this item are 535514008 and535-514-008. For Faema the part reference numbers are 3341132863, 3341135935, 535514008 and 903011000. This electronic level board is a 230V version and has been made in...