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Faema E98 President - Hydraulics

The hydraulics used on the Faema E98 President espresso machine are quite simple, but do depend on what kind of Faema E98 President you have. Seen the Faema E98 President A requires different hydraulic components then the Faema E98 President S.

The volumetric version of the E98 is the version A. this requires hydraulic components such as a flowmeter for each individual group.  The flowmeter used on this group was one made by Digmesa, which was a 3 way flowmeter with one hole plugged off. Where you won’t find this component with the Faema E98 S version, seen it does not have flow regulation.

Other hydraulic components, which can be found on both espresso machines, are the double pressure gauge, pressure switch and drain valve components

Gicar flowmeter 1/4"FF nozzle 1,0mm

On this product page you will find a flowmeter suitable for various brands of the La Cimbali Group. This flowmeter has been manufactured by the Italian company Gicar. The part references of Gicar for this item are and This flowmeter is made out of 2 pieces. The brass, low lead, casting and the measuring device which is made from a...