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Faema E61 legend - Boiler

Faema E61 legend espresso machine parts boiler

On this page you will find items used on the Faema E61 Legend boiler. The boiler used on the modern Faema E61 legend in comparison to the old vintage Faema E61 espresso machine is big. The current boiler used on the Faema E61 legend is a fully closed boiler, with only a opening for a heating element.

The new boilers used on the Faema E61 vintage espresso machine, can’t be used on the Faema E61 Legend. They can be supplied, but with a longer lead time.

If you compare the boiler components on a antique Faema e61, the difference is big. This ranges from the safety measures, like a modern safety valve to a safety thermostat inside the heating element.

If you have any questions about your Faema E61 Legend boiler components, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Faema E61 legend - Boiler spare parts |

Anti vacuum valve V.A.R. 1/4"

On this product page you will find a anti vacuum valve. This valve is made completely out of brass and can be easily disassembled. This type of anti vacuum valve is used with quite a lot of espresso machine brands. This valve has a male ¼”BSP-G thread. The o ring inside the valve is made from HNBR, but the o ring end stop is made from PTFE. As mentioned...

Safety valve 3/8" 1,8bar CE PED IV

The boiler safety valve shown on this page can mainly be found on La Pavoni espresso machine boilers. The La Pavoni part reference for this item is 395221G This boiler safety valve has a male 3/8” BSP-G thread. The pre-set pressure is 1,8 bar and nonadjustable. The seal used is a FKM seal, when opened the steam outlet is 872 L/M. This valve is CE...

Casadio/Cimbali/Faema heating element cover

The item on this product page is a heating element cover for various espresso machine brands of the La Cimbali group. This heating element cover is used on various model of Casadio, Cimbali and Faema. The Casadio part reference number is 4831135020, the Cimbali part reference number are 4831135020 and 4831-135-020. For Faema the part reference number...

Faema heating element 2 group 3750/4500W 230/400V

On this product page you will find a heating element used for a variety of espresso machines made by the La Cimbali group. This specific heating element is suitable for a 2 group espresso machine. You can use this element with various brands such as Cimbali, Faema and Casadio. This heating element produces 3780/4500W at 230/400V, the element has 6...

Asco (Sirai) pressure switch P302/6

Probably the most used pressure switch used on the Asco P302/6 a 3 phase pressure switch. This pressure switch has been used espresso machines like: La Marzocco, Faema, Cimbali, Astoria, Wega, Nuova Simonelli, La Spaziale, San Remo and so on.The brand Asco used to be the company Sirai, since a while this name has changed but the product remains the same....

Safety valve 3/8" 2.0 bar CE PED IV certified

The most important part on a espresso machine is the safety valve. This part prevents that a boiler can explode. The safety valve will open up when the pressure inside the boiler becomes too high. This specific safety valve is made out of brass. The thread type used for this safety valve is 3/8”BSP-G. The calibrated pressure of the valve is 2.0...

AFM 34 heating element gasket 57x43x3mm

The heating element gasket on this page can be used on a variety of heating elements. This gasket has a outer diameter of 57mm a inner diameter of 43mm and a thickness of 3mm. The fibre material used is AFM 34 made by the German company Victor Reinz. This gasket material is food safe and can handle the pressure and temperatures which occur in every...