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Faema E98 President - Motor and pump

The pump and motor assembly on a Faema E98 President are a common and unique with espresso machines from the La Cimbali group. Seen you won’t find this type of assembly with different brands.

The motor used the Faema E98 president is a bolt on motor. This motor produces 150-170W at 220V. This motor can be made by the Italian companies RPM or motors made by Arduini Motori.

The pumps which can be used on this motor are bolt on models with a small shaft. These can be made by brands such as Fluid o Tech, Procon or Nuert. The minimum required pump capacity is 150 L/H.

The pump and motor are coupled together with a coupling set. On the pump side you have a small square shaft. On the motor side you have a D shape shaft. These can’t be connected without the use of a coupler. So on each side is a female version which is connected to each other with a rubber coupler.

Faema E98 President - Motor and pump

Nuert Flange pump Stainless steel 180 L /H

This Nuert pump is one of the few espresso machine pumps made in stainless steel. The majority of all the pumps are still made from low lead brass. This specific pump is designated as a “Compact Plus “pump and has the part number PRM15FZXN_EGND. This pump is specially made for the espresso machines models made by the La Cimbali group. There...

Procon flange pump 180 L/H 3 holes

The rotation pump on this page is from the bolt on type. The specific model is made by the pump manufacturer Procon and it is made in Ireland. The pump is NSF certified and has the Procon part number 132E060F114B150 This specific pump type has a slightly different flange then most Procon pumps used on espresso machines. This type is a bolt on flange, and...

O ring 23,52x1.78mm epdm

The o ring on this page is used on various models of the La Cimbali group. This EPDM o ring can be used to create a watertight seal at the outlet flange of the water inlet. But it can also be used on brewing groups of La Carimali, Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino The o ring on this page has a cord diameter of 1,78mm and a internal diameter of...

Faema pump motor Due E91 diplomat 170W 220V

On this page you will find a motor mainly used for older model espresso machines from Faema like: Faema Due, Faema E91, Faema E92, Faema Star and Faema Tronic. This motor is build by the Italian company Elettromeccanica ing. F. Arduini. This is a 170W pump motor which runs on 220V with 50/60hz. To start the motor you need a start capacitor, on this...

Faema rubber pump-motor connector 40 mm

To connect a flange pump and flange motor to each other you need to have 2 coupling plates and a rubber middle coupler which connects the coupling plates to eachother. This rubber motor pump coupling is universal and can be used with the metal coupling plates with a rounded off shaft and with the slitted pump coupling connection. These type of couplings...

Faema motor flange pump connector set

With Faema and La Cimbali flange pumps there is a additional coupling between the flanged motor and the flanged pump. This coupling is made of 2 metal couplings. 1 connects to the espresso machine motor shaft, the other connects to the pump. Note: this coupling has a round shaft opening with a flat side. The metal connectors have a OD of 40mm. In between...

Parker solenoid valve 2 ways base mounting 220/230V 50/60Hz 9W

On this page you will find a 2 way solenoid valve made by the company Parker.  This specific Parker 2 way solenoid valve is used with various brands as a water inlet valve for filling the boiler.  The Parker parts number for this item is 393233J This 2 way solenoid valve is one of the types which has a flange model, this model is sealed with...

Non return valve

The item on this page is a valve for a non return valve. This item is used with a variety of espresso machine made by the Cimbali group. You can find this item on Casadio, Cimbali and Faema espresso machines. The item references can be found in the extra info ta. This casted non return valve holder is used in combination with a o ring. The model of o...

Nuert flange pump 150 L/H compact

On this page you will find a Nuert rotation flange pump. This model type can only be used on espresso machines made by the La Cimbali group. This specific model of rotation pump is called the “Compact Plus” with part number PRM15FZ1N_EGND. The pump in question is a flange pump. This pump is attached the espresso machine motor with 2...

Faema/Cimbali non return valve plastic holder

On this page you will find a white plastic spring guide used in various brands such as Faema And La Cimbali. The Cimbali part number for this item is 4831-029-417 and the Faema part number is 4831029417. This spring guide supports and guides the spring inside the water inlet valve. This guid has a outer diameter of 21,35mm and a height of 12mm. You will...

Fluid o tech flange pump 200 L/h

This Fluid o tech rotation pump is a more uncommon version in the world of espresso machines and only used by a selection of brands. The part is designated as a “standard” pump and the part number for this pump is PO0204FNADN0000. This pump has a NSF approval. The espresso machine pump on this page has a flowrate of 200 L/H and is equipped...