Procon flange pump 180 L/H 3 holes
  • Procon flange pump 180 L/H 3 holes

Procon flange pump 180 L/H 3 holes


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The rotation pump on this page is from the bolt on type. The specific model is made by the pump manufacturer Procon and it is made in Ireland. The pump is NSF certified and has the Procon part number 132E060F114B150

This specific pump type has a slightly different flange then most Procon pumps used on espresso machines. This type is a bolt on flange, and it needs to be bolted on the espresso machine motor with 3 bolts to properly function.

The shaft used on this motor is different then standard, the square one. This shaft is a D type shaft. So round, but with a flat section. This shaft is also used in combination with a motor coupling set.

The flow rate on this pump is 180 L/H and is equipped with a balanced bypass. If you want to adjust the pump pressure on your pump you need to screw the set screw on the side inwards to increase the pressure and if you want to decrease the pressure turn it outwards.

And on what type of espresso machine can I use this espresso machine pump. You can use this type of pump on the Faema E91, Faema E92, Faema E97, Faema E98, Faema Due and the Faema Smart.


Data sheet

Pump brand
3/8" NPT
Type pump
Rotary vane
Type part
Rotation pump
Pump coupling
Bolt flange
Pump flowrate (L/H)
part number
Procon 1509BXL
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