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Faema E61 legend - Motor and pump

The motor and pump configuration used on the Faema E61 legend espresso machines is quite a unique assembly, which you only see on this model of espresso machine.  On the Faema E61 legend s2 the motor and pump are build into the espresso machine. The disadvantage is that the room inside a Faema E61 legend is really tight, so this assembly needs to be pretty small. But on this page you will find all the components you need to resolve the issue, if you are not sure which components you require you can always contact Brook-parts for any assistance.

Faema E61 Legend pump and motor spare parts

Faema E61 legend pump motor

Where the classic Faema E61 espresso machine had a external motor. The Faema E61 Legend and Faema E61 jubilé has a internal espresso machine motor. The motor used in a Faema E61 legend and Jubile is made by Elettromeccanica Ing F. Arduini and has 150W with 230V 50-60Hz. To start the motor there is a condenser installed of 10 µf. The coffee...

Nuert Flange pump Stainless steel 180 L /H

This Nuert pump is one of the few espresso machine pumps made in stainless steel. The majority of all the pumps are still made from low lead brass. This specific pump is designated as a “Compact Plus “pump and has the part number PRM15FZXN_EGND. This pump is specially made for the espresso machines models made by the La Cimbali group. There...

Cimbali/Faema rotary vane pump 180L/H original

The pump on this page is a OEM/Original Cimbali/Faema rotation pump. But this pump is slightly different, most pumps are made from casted brass but these are made from stainless steel. This pump has been made by the Italian company Fluid o tech. The part references for this pump can be found in the extra info tab. This pump has the name Compact plus and...

Rubber pump motor connector 35mm

The item on this page is a rubber motor coupling. This coupling can be used on various Faema and Cimbali espresso machines. There are 2 types of couplings the 35mm and the 40mm coupling. This is the 35mm This coupling is used on the Faema E61 legend and Faema E61 Jubilee espresso machines, the 40mm coupling won’t fit this application. The Faema...

IMS filter basket removal tool

When you want to clean your portafilter at the end of the day you need to remove the filter basket from the portafilter. But these baskets are normally held in place with the internal spring and can be difficult to remove. Instead of removing the basket with a spoon IMS Filtri has made a filter basket removal tool. This tool is made from stainless...

Nuert flange pump 150 L/H compact

On this page you will find a Nuert rotation flange pump. This model type can only be used on espresso machines made by the La Cimbali group. This specific model of rotation pump is called the “Compact Plus” with part number PRM15FZ1N_EGND. The pump in question is a flange pump. This pump is attached the espresso machine motor with 2...

For that reason they have chosen for a compact motor made by Elletromeccanica Ing F Arduini. This compact motor produces 150W at 230V single phase. This motor is of the type called a bolt on motor. You bolt the pump on the flange on the front of the motor. But you still need to connect the motor shaft to the pump. This is done with a motor coupling set. The coupling between the shafts of the motor is done with 3 parts. A 35mm flange connector(with a 7.6x3.6mm hole) on the pump motor. A rubber damper coupling and on the pump side as well a identical metal coupling as above.

On this motor you can not install any pump you want, seen this flange is with espresso machines only with brands such as Cimbali, Faema and Casadio. Makes sense seen the La Cimbali group owns Faema. The pump is held in place with a bolt on top and at the bottom. This pump needs to produce 180L/H and can be made by various brands such a Fluid o Tech(Rotoflow) Nuert or Procon. Originally these pumps where fitted with a pre-filter, so that any debris coming from the water line would not end up in the pump or the hydraulic system of the pump.

Trouble shooting;

The motor of my Faema E61 Legend S1 doesn’t start anymore, what do I need to do? Well you can start to check if the electrical connections are still connected and that there is no break in the cabling or corrosion on the connectors. If you have checked that you can start to replace the capacitor, this is a 5uf capacitor which starts the motor(seen it is a single phase motor). If that doesn’t solve the issue the chance is big that the motor on your Faema E61 Legend S1 needs to be replaced.