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Faema E61 legend - Water valve

Faema E61 legend Water valve espresso machine parts

Faema E61 legend - Water valve

Faema E61 valve gasket 13x4x4mm

The valve gasket on this page can be used on numerous of espresso machine brands such as Vibiemme, Wega, La Scala, Faema, La Pavoni, Brasilia and Grimac. This gasket in mainly used in the steam and water valves as well as in the water inlet valves. But the best example is in the E61(type) of brewing groups. The part reference list can be found in the...

Valve rod spring 15x17mm

The compression spring on this page knows a variety of applications with various brands. You can use this spring with brands like Vibiemme, La Scala, Faema, Spaziale and Brasilia. As for instance on steam and water valves. The part references can be found in the extra info tab This stainless-steel compression spring has a outer diameter of 15mm and a...

Faema E61 steam valve pin

This brass tap spindle is used a the Faema E61 steam and water valve and the valves which have resemblance to the e61 valve used by brands like Vibiemme, La Scala and Grimac. When the shaft axle is turned open or closed, this tap spindle pushes against the valve seat. Which opens or closes the steam/water valve. This specific brass tap spindle has a...

Faema E61 valve gasket 15,5x7,5x4mm

This gasket is again such a standard type of gasket in the world of espresso coffee machines. It is the EPDM gasket 15.5x7.5x4mm. This gasket is used a variety of applications on espresso machines. Offcourse on the Faema E61 brewing group as well for the E61 style brewing group, as the camme shaft gasket. By brands like Isomac, Bezzera, ECM, Brasilia,...

Faema E61 complete steam valve

The steam and water valve on this page is maybe one the most iconic valves ever made. These could already be found in Faema espresso machines from the 1960. In espresso machines such as the Faema E61 and the Faema President. This steam and water valve is a complete valve, but it doesn’t come with the knob. The inlet of this valve is a 3/8”...

Inox ball return spring

The spring on this product page is used for various applications with various brands. This spring is used in water inlet systems, steam and water valves and non return valves. You will find this model of compression spring with brands such as Brasilia, La Spaziale, Faema, Grimac, Vibiemme and La Scala. This stainless steel compression spring has a outer...

Chromed steam stem 4 holes dia 1,5mm

After a while you do need to replace your steam nozzle, this can be because of various reasons. This specific model is made from brass and then chrome plated. The interior thread, which threads onto the wand, is a 1/8”BSP-G. The steam nozzle has 4 holes each of 1,5mm in diameter. To make it easier to clean this steam tip, they have made a flat...

Faema E61 steam valve knob

The steam and water valve knob on this page is mainly famous as the knobs used on the classic Faema E61 espresso machines. But nowadays they are used in a variety of other brands as well. Like with Vibiemme, La Scala and Grimac. This type of knob can also be used on the modern Faema E61 legend and Jubilee espresso machines. For the part references check...