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Faema E61 legend - Brewing group

Faema E61 legend espresso machine parts brewing group

This page contains the brewing group parts for the Faema E61 legend. The E61 brewing group items haven’t been changed for all those years. The only different item in the brewing group is the shower holder diffuser. This part didn’t existed with the original Faema E61 brewing groups.

The last few years you see that there are also modifications and improved products made for the Faema e61 brewing group. A example of such a improved product are the silicone portafilter gaskets instead of the NBR portafilter gaskets. The difference between the NBR and Silicone portafilter gaskets is that the NBR gaskets will dry out faster then the silicone ones.

But the bottom line, with every brewing group. Cleaning your brewing group on a daily basis is key.

If you have any additional questions about your Faema E61 legend brewing group just let us know

Faema E61 legend - Brewing group

Faema E61 group locking gasket

The group locking gasket on this product page can be used for installing the classical Faema E61 groups to the frame of the machine. But this gasket is also used on Grimac E61 brewing groups. The Faema part reference for this item is 4701135888 and the Grimac part references are F045 and GR721. This group locking gasket can be used on the Faema E61, Faema...

IMS filter basket removal tool

When you want to clean your portafilter at the end of the day you need to remove the filter basket from the portafilter. But these baskets are normally held in place with the internal spring and can be difficult to remove. Instead of removing the basket with a spoon IMS Filtri has made a filter basket removal tool. This tool is made from stainless...

Faema E61 camme holder

The cam holder on this product page is a OEM/Original Faema spare part, no not a NOS. but a modern one. The Faema part reference for this spare part is 4152135911 This spare part has been made from machined brass. But that’s not the final step. After that it has been polished, nickel plated and finally chrome plated. This item has been made in...

Portafilter gasket 73x57x9mm

Every brewing group uses a portafilter gasket. In this case it is a 73x57x9mm gasket. In this case they are made from a food grade nitrile butadiene rubber(Nbr) The OD and ID of 73x57mm is quite a standard size. You will see this size with brands like Expobar, Vibiemme (VBM), La Scala, Bezzera, Faema and Azkoyen. This doesn’t mean that these brands don’t...

IMS double filterbasket 12/18gr B702TH24.5M

A lot of the filterbasket sizes are quite standardized. This IMS filterbasket is good example of this. The basket is made by IMS filtra, but it is a competition basket and not from the standard IMS basket line.  The IMS part number for this double filterbasket is B702TH24.5M. The double filterbasket is made from stainless steel 304, food safe. The...

Faema E61 group infusion spring

On this page you will find a stainless steel compression spring with a outer dimension of 14mm and a length at rest of 45mm. This compression spring is being used in a variety of espresso machine brewing groups. This ranges from the famous Faema E61 brewing group, the E61 style brewing group. But also a variety of other type of brewing groups used by...

Ffilterbasket 2 coffee 14gr 70x24,5mm

The 2 coffee filterbasket on this page can be used a big variety of espresso machine brands. You can use this basket on brands such as Brasilia, Elektra, Victoria Arduino, Faema, Cimbali, Casadio, La Scala. This filterbasket has been made by the Italian company IMS Filtri. The IMS part reference is CF2T069. Note: this is not a competition...

Faema E61 lever knob

The handle knob on this page can be used on Faema E61 brewing groups. This handle goes on the brewing group control lever. Originally these were made from Bakelite, but nowadays that isn’t made that much anymore. The Faema part reference fort his item is 4741135910  This plastic lever brewing group handle is made from a shiny plastic. In the...

Wera shower screen screwdriver slotted

In some cases, the shower screen is attached with a screw, in most cases that is a Philips or a slotted screw. It is difficult to remove it with a regular screwdriver due to the limited height under the brew group.  But for that you need a shortened slotted screwdriver, in this case the one from the German brand Wera, which fits well under the brewing...

portafilter gasket 74x57.5x8mm

The portafilter gasket shown on this page is used with various espresso machines of the Cimbali group and with Vibiemme espresso machines. the part reference numbers can be found in the extra info tab. This portafilter gasket has been made from NBR. The outer diameter is 74mm the inner diameter is 57,5mm and the thickness is 8mm. This gasket has 4...

E61 shower screen old style 60mm

This article is one of the earliest designs of the 60mm shower screen. This shower screen is made by IMS CFDR070.  The border diameter is 60mm, it has a internal height of 15,7mm. The internal holes, 112 in total, have a diameter of 2mm Note: this is not a specialty coffee shower, but IMS also produces normal showers. This is, unlike other 60mm models, a...

Faema Portafilter gasket 74x58x8mm Original

The portafilter gasket ton this product page is a OEM/Original Faema spare part, but can also be used on various Casadio espresso machine models. The Casadio part reference number is 402199010, the Faema part reference numbers are402199000, 402199010 and 4701016528.  This gasket is made from NBR. The outer diameter is 74mm the inner diameter is 58mm and...