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Faema E91 diplomat - Brewing group

Faema E91 diplomat espresso machine parts brewing group

Faema E91 diplomat - Brewing group

Ffilterbasket 2 coffee 14gr 70x24,5mm

The 2 coffee filterbasket on this page can be used a big variety of espresso machine brands. You can use this basket on brands such as Brasilia, Elektra, Victoria Arduino, Faema, Cimbali, Casadio, La Scala. This filterbasket has been made by the Italian company IMS Filtri. The IMS part reference is CF2T069. Note: this is not a competition...

Faema 21mm M5x1 diffuser

This brewing group diffuser/nozzle is used on various Faema brewing groups. The Faema part reference for this item is 4161024761 and 4161133848. This brass nozzle has a outer diameter of 21mm. the female thread used is a M5 with a pitch of 1mm. The item has been made in Italy. You can use this brewing group diffuser on the Faema E91, Faema E92,...

IMS filter basket removal tool

When you want to clean your portafilter at the end of the day you need to remove the filter basket from the portafilter. But these baskets are normally held in place with the internal spring and can be difficult to remove. Instead of removing the basket with a spoon IMS Filtri has made a filter basket removal tool. This tool is made from stainless...

Solenoid valve silicone o ring 6,07x1,78mm

This o ring is one of the most common parts in the world of espresso machines. The main function of this o ring is to seal off a flanged solenoid valve. Every flanged solenoid valve uses 2 of these. But you will also find them in applications like steam and water valves and water inlet taps. The o ring has a wire diameter of 1,78mm and a internal...

E61 shower screen old style 60mm

This article is one of the earliest designs of the 60mm shower screen. This shower screen is made by IMS CFDR070.  The border diameter is 60mm, it has a internal height of 15,7mm. The internal holes, 112 in total, have a diameter of 2mm Note: this is not a specialty coffee shower, but IMS also produces normal showers. This is, unlike other 60mm models, a...

Faema/Casadio PTFE gasket 27x20x1mm

On this product page you will find a flat PTFE gasket which can be used in various applications on Faema and Casadio espresso machines. This flat PTFE gasket can be used in brewing group applications and water and steam valves. The Casadio part reference for this item is 4701116694, the Faema part reference is identical to this number. This ptfe gasket...

Faema complete gigleur

The item on this product page is used on various espresso machine brands such as Faema, Cimbali and Casadio. This item is a part assembly. It has a plug and a nozzle inside. The Faema part references for this item are 2211116078 and 922785000. For Casadio the part reference is 922785000 and for Cimbali it is 922-785-000. This brass plug with...

IMS double filterbasket 12/18gr B702TH24.5M

A lot of the filterbasket sizes are quite standardized. This IMS filterbasket is good example of this. The basket is made by IMS filtra, but it is a competition basket and not from the standard IMS basket line.  The IMS part number for this double filterbasket is B702TH24.5M. The double filterbasket is made from stainless steel 304, food safe. The...

Wera shower screen screwdriver philips

It is quite common on espresso machines that the shower screen in the brewing group is attached with a screw. The issue is that the space between the brewing group and the drip tray is quite often too little for a normal screwdriver. For that reason we have the Wera short version screwdrivers. This specific model is suitable to use in combination with a...

O ring gasket 8.9x2.7mm

The o ring on this product page can be used on various brands of the La Cimbali group. You can use this o ring with the brands Faema, Cimbali and Casadio. This o ring has been made from EPDM. The cord diameter is 2,62mm and the inner diameter is 9,13mm. this o ring has been made in Italy. You will find this o ring for instance on the Casadio Dafne,...

Faema single portafilter with torpedo handle

the item on this product page is a single portafilter which is suitable for various Faema espresso machines. The Faema part reference for this item is 457889020. This portafilter has been made out of a casted brass body which has been chrome plated. The ear orientation of this portafilter is 90 degree. The thickness of the wings is 7mm. The spout used is...