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Faema E98 President - Water inlet

The water inlet valve which is used on the Faema E98 President espresso machine is a universal model. This model can be found on various espresso machines of Faema and Cimbali.

This valve has various functions. At the beginning it has a fitting for connecting a pump pressure gauge. After that you have a section of the valve where the water flows towards the brewing group.

The solenoid operated section is for the automatic filling of the boiler. This is done with a 2 way solenoid valve, but this type of water inlet valve does also have a manual override in the case the solenoid valve is broken or blocked.

Faema E98 President - Water inlet

O ring 23,52x1.78mm epdm

The o ring on this page is used on various models of the La Cimbali group. This EPDM o ring can be used to create a watertight seal at the outlet flange of the water inlet. But it can also be used on brewing groups of La Carimali, Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino The o ring on this page has a cord diameter of 1,78mm and a internal diameter of...

Parker solenoid valve 2 ways base mounting 220/230V 50/60Hz 9W

On this page you will find a 2 way solenoid valve made by the company Parker.  This specific Parker 2 way solenoid valve is used with various brands as a water inlet valve for filling the boiler.  The Parker parts number for this item is 393233J This 2 way solenoid valve is one of the types which has a flange model, this model is sealed with...

Faema conical gasket 12x4x4mm

the gasket on this product page is a conical shaped gasket. This item can be used on various espresso machine brands such as Faema and Cimbali. This gasket replaces the one used on the inlet valve system, so you don’t have to purchase the complete brass valve parts. The Faema part reference for this item is 1186128 This gasket has been made from...

Faema/Cimbali non return valve

The non return valve on this product page can be used on various Faema and Cimbali water inlet valves. The part references for this item are for Cimbali 3211029421 and 3211-029-421. For Faema the part reference is 2211029421 and 3211029421   This non return valve has only 1 conical seal. The back of the valve holder is for just a small...

Faema/Cimbali non return valve plastic holder

On this page you will find a white plastic spring guide used in various brands such as Faema And La Cimbali. The Cimbali part number for this item is 4831-029-417 and the Faema part number is 4831029417. This spring guide supports and guides the spring inside the water inlet valve. This guid has a outer diameter of 21,35mm and a height of 12mm. You will...

O-ring 17,17X1,78mm EPDM

The o ring on this page is used on various models of the La Cimbali group. This EPDM o ring is used to seal off the water inlet flange on the water inlet. For Faema the part number 4701119817 is used and for Cimbali the part number 4701119817  This o ring has been made out of EPDM. The cord diameter is 1,78mm and the internal diameter of the o...