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Brasilia - Pump 

Brasilia - Pump 

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Brasilia pump and pressure switch parts 

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    One of the most used fittings with espresso machines. The fitting 3/8”MM. This fitting is made from machined brass. On both sides the fitting has a male 3/8” BSP-G thread This fitting can be used in various applications, for pump connection (always check the thread size, seen NPT is also used for pumps), boiler and brewing group connections....

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    This pressure switch is the only pressure switch Parker builds for the espresso machine market, brands like Asco (Sirai) and Ma-Ter are a lot more well know for this application. But it doesn’t mean that they can’t be made by someone else. This Parker pressure switch is the model PS325-1C-SX (part numbers 870502 and 870500) is a 3 phase...

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    On this page you will find one of the most used espresso machine pumps. The Ulka Ex5 48W 230V espresso machine vibration pump. This pump produces 48W at 230V with 50Hz. The inlet connection is 6mm, suitable for a silicone hose. The pump outlet is a 1/8” Bsp, this side is made from brass. There is also a Identical pump the Ulka EP5, this one has a...

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    Ulka vibration pump suction fitting. One side is installed on the inlet of the pump and the other side a hose can be connected to.Return to the pump parts overview

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    Thermostat 104° automatic reset M4x6

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    Capacitor 10μF 450V

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    Rotary vane coffee machine pump. This pump is made by the brand Fluid o tech. This pump has a pumping capacity of 200 L/H and has the possibility to adjust the pump pressure on the side of the pump. For connecting pipes to the pump you need a 3/8" BSP-G fitting. This pump is only suitable for clamp ring motors. so it can't be used with the flanged motors...

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    The rotary vane espresso machine pump. There are various brands which manufacture these pumps like Fluid o tech, Nuert and Procon. The pump on this page is made by the company Procon. Part number 132A060F123B The pump on this page is called a rotary vane clamp pump. The pump is clamped on a flange with a stainless steel clamp. If you tighten this clamp...

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    This contact thermostat has a shut off temperature at 165 °celcius. In this case it is a manual espresso machine thermostat. That means that it needs to be pushed manually to reset.  With a automatic one it will reset itself. On the bottom of this thermostat is a M4 male screw thread. You can screw the thermostat into a boiler for instance. For...

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