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The espresso machine brand Rancilio is not the first which you identify with coffee grinders, but they do make them. and also quite some well know models as well. These are a combination of domestic and commercial coffee grinders.

Which can be a “on demand” or a “doser version. What is the difference? A doser version has a storage doser on the front of the grinder where a small amount of ground coffee is stored ready to use. The “on demand” versions only grind coffee when you need to.

You can, in most cases, identify a Rancilio coffee grinder based on the colour and shapes of the dosers. These are in many cases made from a blue plastic and can be square. Not all off them, such as the Kryo 65 has a clear one.

Famous Rancilio coffee grinders are for the domestic market the Rancilio Rocky, which is a doser version. where you have the Rocky SD, that is a on demand model. The first line of commercial coffee grinders is the Rancilio MD series. In this series you have models such as the Rancilio MD40, MD50 and the Rancilio MD80. The latest model of the Rancilio brand is the Rancilio Kryo. This grinder is made in a doser version, the Kryo 65ST and the Kryo 65 AT. The doserless version is the Rancilio Kryo Evo 65 OD coffee grinder.

All these coffee grinders do have 1 thing in common and that is that they only use flat grinding burrs on their coffee grinders, ranging from various sizes.

So if you are a Home Barista, or a bar/ restaurant owner, Rancilio makes a suitable coffee grinder for these applications.

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