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On this category page you will find the selection possibilities for the La Cimbali espresso machines.

The company was founded in 1912 in Milan by Giuseppe Cimbali, at that time the company was specialized in the manufacturing of copper products. The first colm coffee machine Cimbali made was called the Rapida. The column type of coffee machines before the end of the second world war a common model.

After the 2nd world war La Cimbali also started to manufacture lever espresso machines, which was a new invention at that time. Models Like the La Cimbali Ala La Cimbali Gioiello and The La Cimbali Brillante. During the mid 50’s la cimbali launched their new petented hydraulic group, which created more automation in the brewing process.

During the the 1970 some of their historic models where created. Such as the La Cimbali M15, La Cimbali M20. Other iconic models whare created during the 1980’s like the La Cimbali M30, La Cimbali M31 and the la Cimbali M32. From the 2000’s  the La Cimbali M39 is created. This eventually evolves into the La Cimbali M100 espresso machine.

La Cimbali currently produces only commercial coffee machines. At the moment the following machines are in production. The La Cimbali M100, La CImbali M39 RE, La Cimbali M26, La Cimbali M21 Junior and the M23 espresso machine.

Besides commercial espresso machines they also produce commercial grinders. Like their new model the La Cimbali Elective. But also older models like the La Cimbali MagnumLa Cimbali Conik and the La Cimbali 7/S A

On our model overview page you will find a variety of La Cimbali coffee machines, most of them not in production anymore. models like: La Cimbali M15, La Cimbali M20, La Cimbali M21, La Cimbali Junior, La Cimbali M23, La Cimbali M24, La Cimbali M26, La Cimbali M27, La Cimbali M29, La Cimbali M30, La Cimbali M31, La Cimbali M34, La Cimbali M39, La Cimbali M39GTLa Cimbali M100 and finally the La Cimbali M100GT.

On the parts category page you can make a selection based on a parts category. LikeFilterbaskets,flowmeters, heating elements, inlet valves, electrics and a lot more.

If you are unable to find the parts your looking for just let us know and we might be able to help.

La Cimbali Model

La Cimbali Model

La Cimbali Part category

La Cimbali Part category

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