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La Cimbali M21 Junior parts

The La Cimbali M21 Junior espresso machine is one of the espresso machines which has been in production for ages, even up to this day. The Cimbali M21 Junior is based on the La Cimbali Junior espresso machine. This is a commercial grade espresso machine used in small bars, restaurants and hotels. Seen it is only a single group espresso machine.

Of the La Cimbali M21 espresso machine are 2 model types, one is the Cimbali M21 DT and the other is the La Cimbali M21 S. These espresso machines do look quite similar to each other, but technically they are completely different. Where of the La Cimbali Junior was only a non volumetric version you have with the M21 Junior the DT version, which is the volumetric model.

At brooks-parts we will try to help you out to source the correct part for your La Cimbali M21 Junior, this can be OEM/original spare parts or aftermarket ones.

Note: the Cimbali M21 Junior is Not the same espresso machine as a Cimbali Junior.

La Cimbali M21 Junior espresso machine parts

La Cimbali portafilter gasket 71x56x9mm original

The portafilter gasket on this page is a OEM/Original La Cimbali conical portafilter gasket. This portafilter gasket has the Cimbali part number 401-261-010 . This portafilter gasket can also be used for the Casadio Venti (401261010) and the Faema E98 Compact (401261010) This portafilter gasket has a outer diameter of 71mm a internal diameter of 56mm and...

Cimbali steam/water valve complete with flat connection

The item on this page is a steam and water valve which is used on various Cimbali, Casadio and Faema espresso machines. There are multiple versions of this type of valve in production. The most important thing with this valve is that the connection of the boiler is flat and not conical, these valves are not interchangeable. The Cimbali part reference...

La Cimbali M21 junior touchpad membrane

The membrane on this product page can be used on the La Cimbali M21 Junior S. The La Cimbali part reference numbers for this item are 442236000 and 442-236-000.  This push button membrane is used on the non volumetric versions of the La Cimbali M21 junior. The membrane itself has a length of 132mm and a width of 32mm. This membrane has been...

Cimbali AFM34 heating element gasket 58X50X2mm

The heating element gasket on this page can be used in a variety of espresso machine models made by Casadio and Cimbali. The Casadio part number is 401194010 and the Cimbali part number is 401-194-000. This gasket has been made from AFM34 by Victor Reinz. This gasket has a outer diameter of 58mm a inner diameter of 50 mm and a thickness of 2mm. The gasket...

La Cimbali heat exchanger 150mm

On this page you will find a heat exchanger cartridge. This tube is available in 2 versions a 210mm version and a 150mm version. The one on this page is a 150mm version. The length of this copper heat exchanger(HX) is 150mm and has a outer diameter of 42mm. It is possible that you get a blank copper one or a copper with nickel plating. This cartridge...

Monophase thermostat 170°

The single phase thermostat on this page can be used on various espresso machine models of the La Cimbali Group. This thermostat can be used on various La Cimbali, Casadio and Faema espresso machine models. This single phase thermostat goes to 170 degree Celsius. This model has a manual reset. The capillary is 900mm. The bulb has a diameter of 4mm and a...

Procon clamp ring pump 180 L/H

The rotary vane espresso machine pump. There are various brands which manufacture these pumps like Fluid o tech, Nuert and Procon. The pump on this page is made by the company Procon. Part number 132A060F123B The pump on this page is called a rotary vane clamp pump. The pump is clamped on a flange with a stainless steel clamp. If you tighten this clamp...

Gasket FKM 12x3.5x4mm

The gasket on this page has a green colour instead of the typical black colour. This gasket is made from green FKM (FKM is available in variety of colours). You will find this gasket in the steam and water valves of the La Cimbali and Casadio. The matching part numbers for this item are for Casadio 400274020 and for Cimbali 400-274-020  This...

La Cimbali HX gasket silicone 50,8x3,53mm

The o ring on this page is a red Silicone o ring used in the most commonly used La Cimbali Brewing group. This gasket makes on multiple locations a seal between the 150mm/210mm HX tube and the brewing group head and the HX and the boiler flange. There are multiple Cimbali part numbers such as 401178002, 401-178-002, 401178012 and 401-178-012....

La Cimbali heating element 1gr 1800W 220V

On this product page you will find a heating element suitable for a variety of single group La Cimbali espresso machine boilers. For the part references check the extra info tab. This heating element produces 1800W at 220V. There are 6 connecting poles on the heating element. In the middle of the flange, this flange is 75x75mm, is a spare tube for a...

Conical portafilter gasket 71x56x9mm blue silicone

The portafilter gasket on this page is a silicone La Cimbali conical portafilter gasket. This portafilter gasket has the Cimbali part number 401-261-010 . This portafilter gasket can also be used for the Casadio Venti (401261010) and the Faema E98 Compact (401261010) This portafilter gasket has a outer diameter of 71mm a internal diameter of 56mm...

Parker 3 way solenoid valve stainless steel 220/240V 50/60Hz

The solenoid valve on this page is slightly different then the flanged 3 way solenoid valve. Instead of the traditional brass solenoid valve flange is this one made from stainless steel. This parker 3 way solenoid valve is mainly used as a brewing group solenoid valve. The Parker part number for this item is 3019F1GRG7XS03XS6 and 131FSG100 As mentioned...

The La Cimbali M21 coffee machine is a fairly simple espresso machine, with a lot of La Cimbali unique features in it. As mentioned above there are 2 model versions, the S and the DT. In this case the Cimbali M21 junior S is the non volumetric tank version. Where the Cimbali M21 Junior DT is the volumetric model with main water supply. There are a lot of resemblances between both models, but also a lot of differences. Below we will try to explain the differences between them.

La Cimbali M21 Junior DT

The M21 Junior DT is a single group espresso machine with a Heat Exchanger (HX) boiler. The HX system is unique to espresso machines made by La Cimbali. On the side of the boiler is a flange welded, where also the brewing group bolts onto. But in that flange the HX tube is installed and held in place when the brewing group is bolted on it’s place.

So the brewing group is part of the HX system and can be completely disassembled, which makes cleaning and replacing parts easier then with for instance a welded HX. This brewing group is a solenoid operated group head and has mostly standard Cimbali spare parts. For the M21 Junior models you can use a standard La Cimbali portafilter.

The M21 junior DT is available with a 110V and a 230V heating element. This heating element produces 1800W of power, which is plenty enough for such a small espresso machine. on the boiler you will find a variety of fittings, tubing and valves. Valves such as a steam valve, water valve, vacuum valve and a safety valve.  This heating element has been fitted with a safety thermostat, made by the German company Ego. The control of the heating element is done with a pressure switch, this is not a standard switch made by Asco or Parker. But their own design, which is used for decades.

The La Cimbali M21 Junior DT is fitted with a main water connection and hasn’t been fitted wit a water tank on the back. So this espresso machine does have a pump and motor assembly. The motor is made by the Italian company RPM and the pump by the company Procon(you can also use pumps made by Fluid o tech/Rotoflow or Nuert).

Because the M21 Junior DT is a volumetric espresso machine you need to have a flowmeter installed. This flowmeter is installed just before the tubing goes towards the brewing group.

Besides a flowmeter it does require also a variety of electronic components such as a dosing device/level regulator and the touchpanel for the coffee selection.


La Cimbali junior M21 S

This version of the La Cimbali Junior is the non volumetric model of the Junior, but that is not all. A Heat Exchanger (HX) boiler is featured in the M21 Junior S, which is an espresso machine with a single group. La Cimbali espresso machines are the only ones that are equipped with the HX technology. A flange has been welded onto the side of the boiler, and here is where the brewing group will bolt onto it. However, the HX tube is inserted in that flange, and it is held in place when the brewing group is mounted on top of it in its proper location.

Therefore, the brewing group is included in the HX system and is able to be taken apart entirely. Because of this, it is much simpler to clean and replace components in a HX that is not welded, for example. The brewing group in question is a solenoid-operated group head, and the majority of its spare parts are standard Cimbali components. A La Cimbali portafilter in its usual configuration can be utilised with the M21 Junior versions.

There is a heating element for either 110V or 230V power available for the M21 junior S. This heating element generates 1800 watts of electricity, which is more than plenty for a machine of this size that makes espresso. On the boiler, you will discover a selection of valves, fittings, and tubing in a variety of sizes. Valves like steam valves, water valves, vacuum valves and safety valves are all examples of valves.  This heating element features a safety thermostat that was manufactured by the German business Ego and it has been installed. A pressure switch is used to operate the heating element; however, this particular switch is not a conventional model and was not manufactured by Asco or Parker. However, it is their original design, which has been in use for many years.

What the M21 Junior S makes different from the DT version is that this espresso machine has been fitted with a water tank on the back, but no connection to the main water supply. The water from this water tank is pumped with a Ulka vibration pump to the boiler and brewing group. This model of espresso machine doesn’t have a flowmeter, so it is a non volumetric model.

This means that it is fitted with a push button for making coffee, with this button you can only start and stop the brewing process. This won’t stop automatically such happens with the M21 Junior DT.


Cimbali Junior

The la Cimbali Junior does look quite similar to the M21 junior, but it is not the same espresso machine. always check the part reference numbers to verify that the components are compatible with each other.