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La Cimbali M21 Junior - Motor and pump

The La Cimbali M21 Junior uses a combination of motors and pumps on their espresso machines, which is not uncommon with commercial espresso machines of La Cimbali.

The models of the La Cimbali M21 junior S are equipped with a vibration pump, which is made by the company Ulka. The use of vibration pumps on commercial La Cimbali espresso machines of La Cimbali was not a uncommon thing in the past.

The La Cimbali M21 Junior DT has been fitted with a regular motor and pump. But this is a clamp ring pump, which is not really common on espresso machines of the La Cimbali Group. These pumps are made by companies like Nuert, Procon and Fluid o tech.

La Cimbali M21 Junior parts motor and pump

Gicar flowmeter 1/8" 1,15mm connector with led

On this page you will find a flowmeter made by the Italian company Gicar. This specific model of flowmeter can be used with a variety of brands such as San Remo, La Cimbali, Nuova Simonelli and Brasilia. The Gicar part numbers for this item are (, and The fittings which can be used on the in and outlet of flowmeter are...

Procon clamp ring pump 180 L/H

The rotary vane espresso machine pump. There are various brands which manufacture these pumps like Fluid o tech, Nuert and Procon. The pump on this page is made by the company Procon. Part number 132A060F123B The pump on this page is called a rotary vane clamp pump. The pump is clamped on a flange with a stainless steel clamp. If you tighten this clamp...

Ulka Vibration pump EX5 230V 50/60Hz with brass outlet

On this page you will find one of the most used espresso machine pumps. The Ulka Ex5 48W 230V espresso machine vibration pump. This pump produces 48W at 230V with 50Hz. The inlet connection is 6mm, suitable for a silicone hose. The pump outlet is a 1/8” Bsp, this side is made from brass. There is also a Identical pump the Ulka EP5, this one has a...

Procon pump 3/8" NPT 100L/h

On this page you will find a espresso machine pump, made by the company Procon. This pump can be used on various espresso machine brands such as Cimbali, Faema and La Spaziale. The Cimbali part references for this item are 533-180-200, 533197300, 533-197-300. For Faema they are 533180200 and 533197300. For La Spaziale the part reference is 05408....

Cimbali RPM motor 275W

The item on this product page is a espresso machine pump motor which can be used on various La Cimbali and Faema espresso machines. The motor is manufactured by the Italian company RPM. The RPM part reference number for this item is C011103. For Cimbali the part reference numbers are 530295400 and 530-295-400. For Faema the part reference number is...

Ulka vibration pump damper 90degree

On this page you will find a rubber support mount for a vibration pump. This support has 1 central hole and a mounting hole. The mounting hole is for connecting the rubber pump support to the frame of the espresso machine. The other hole is for sticking the espresso machine vibration pump true, this is a press fit. For each vibration pump you need 2...