La Cimbali old style double portafilter
  • La Cimbali old style double portafilter

La Cimbali old style double portafilter


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On this product page you will find a double portafilter suitable for various La Cimbali espresso machines. This model has the old type of spout which uses screws to keep it into place. The Cimbali part reference for this item is 458-980-000 .

This portafilter has a ear orientation of 90 degree. The ears themselves have a thickness of 5,5mm. The portafilter does come with a double filterbasket and spring.

You can use this portafilter on models such as the Cimbali M20, Cimbali M25, Cimbali M27, Cimbali M28, Cimbali M29, Cimbali M30, Cimbali M31 and the Cimbali M32.

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Data sheet

La Cimbali
M21 junior
Type part
Double portafilter
La Cimbali
Portafilter ear thickness (mm)
Portafilter ear orientation
part number
Cimbali 445-793-000
Cimbali 457-819-000
Cimbali 457-819-020
Cimbali 457-819-060
Cimbali 458-980-000
Cimbali 458-980-000
Cimbali 445793000
Cimbali 457817000
Cimbali 457819000
Cimbali 457819020
Cimbali 458980000
Cimbali 458981000
Country of manufacturing
Made in Italy

No you can’t. even if you have a Cimbali double portafilter which is suitable for instance Cimbali brewing groups, this would not mean that it will fit. Seen Cimbali also uses on some of their models a Faema type of brewing group. On our blog post you can find more information about this: Portafilter models and types

In most cases the double spouts use a 3/8” BSP-G thread, but some portafilters also use a metric M16 spout. For the complete overview check out our portafilter spout product page.

Well this is quite easy. Remove the filterbasket, this can be done with a IMS removal tool. Then put your portafilter body into a container with puly caff and let it soak for a while. Prevent that the handle is in contact with water. You can clean the double spout with a round Brooks cleaning brush.

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