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La Cimbali M21 Junior - Body panels

The body panels used on the La Cimbali M21 Junior espresso machine are quite limited, mainly because it is such a small espresso machine. The body panel parts used on the La Cimbali M21 Junior S and the La Cimbali M21 DT are identical to each other.

Parts you need to think of you can find on this product page are the adjustable machine feet and the black drip tray under the brewing group.

Can’t you find the body panel on our website for your La Cimbali M21 espresso machine, don’t hesitate and send us a message.

Cimbali M21 Junior drip tray

This item is a plastic drip tray which is used on some Faema and Cimbali single group espresso machines. This drip tray can be used on the Cimbali M21 Junior espresso machine and the Faema E98 Compact single group espresso machine. The Cimbali part reference numbers are 442004005  and 442-004-005. The Faema part references for this item are 442004005 and...

Cimbali/Faema/Casadio machine foot 60mm

The item on this product page is a espresso machine foot which can be used on various brands of the La Cimbali Group. You can use this machine foot on various models of Casadio, Cimbali and Faema. The Casadio part reference for this item is 421921012, for Cimbali the references are 421921002, 421-921-002, 421921012, 421-921-012, 435811000, 457813000,...