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La Cimbali M21 Junior - Hydraulics

The hydraulics used on the La Cimbali M21 Junior depend on which model you have. There are a lot of similarities between the Cimbali M21 Junior DT and the Cimbali M21 Junior S, but also a lot of differences.

The differences partially come because the La Cimbali M21 Junior DT uses a flowmeter and a pump and motor. Where as the Cimbali M21 Junior S uses a vibration pump and no flowmeter.

But similarities between the models are the water inlet solenoid valve, the boiler pressure switch and the boiler pressure manometer.

Are you not entirely sure which hydraulic components you need on your La Cimbali M21 Junior DT or your La Cimbali M21 Junior S, don’t hesitate and contact us.

La Cimbali M21 Junior Hydraulic parts

Cimbali M21 Junior water filter

This item is a water filter which can be used on the La Cimbali M21 junior espresso machine. This water filter is installed in the water tank on the back of the machine. The La Cimbali part reference numbers for this item are 442508000 and 442-508-000. 

Cimbali/Faema/Casadio machine foot 60mm

The item on this product page is a espresso machine foot which can be used on various brands of the La Cimbali Group. You can use this machine foot on various models of Casadio, Cimbali and Faema. The Casadio part reference for this item is 421921012, for Cimbali the references are 421921002, 421-921-002, 421921012, 421-921-012, 435811000, 457813000,...

Gicar flowmeter 1/8" 1,15mm connector with led

On this page you will find a flowmeter made by the Italian company Gicar. This specific model of flowmeter can be used with a variety of brands such as San Remo, La Cimbali, Nuova Simonelli and Brasilia. The Gicar part numbers for this item are (, and The fittings which can be used on the in and outlet of flowmeter are...

La Cimbali boiler manometer D.57 0-2.5 bar

On this product page you will find a boiler pressure gauge used in a variety of espresso machines made by the brand La Cimbali. The part reference for this item is 450-524-000. The boiler pressure manometer has a range from 0 to 2,5 bar. The body of this manometer is 57mm and the rim is 60mm. The connection on the back is a male 1/8” BSP-G thread....

La Cimbali pressure switch

The pressure switch on this page is one used on various older La Cimbali espresso machines. You will also only see this model on La Cimbali and some Faema espresso machines. This item is compatible with the Cimbali part references 468901022, 468-901-022, 537030700, 537-030-700 and 537-030-710. The Faema part references for this item is 468901022,...

La Cimbali drain tray cover

This item is a lid for various drain trays used on the brands Cimbali and Faema, this item is not suitable as a lid for all drain trays  only which have this part reference number.  The Cimbali part reference numbers for this item are 445-291-000 and 445291000. This lid is made from a black plastic and has a width of 65mm and a length of 130mm....

Parker solenoid valve 2 way 1/8" 220/240V

On this page you will find a threaded 2 way solenoid valve. This solenoid valve is made by Parker, this item ahs been manufactured in Italy. This valve is mainly used as a boiler filling valve, due to the big size of Orifice. This valve has 2 female 1/8” BSP-G connections, the in as well as the outlet. The orifice of this valve is 2,5mm and the...