Victoria Arduino 

The grinders of the Victoria Arduino brand can be designated as the more high end type. With their various models  which have been introduced over the years, with various price ranges. There is one similarity between all the Victoria Arduino coffee grinders, they are solely “grind on demand”.

The most famous coffee grinders of the Victoria Arduino brand are the Victoria Arduino Mythos One and the Victoria Arduino Mythos 2. Of this model you have various types such as the MYONE, MY85, MY 75 and the MYG85 and MYG75. The main difference between these grinders is that they can be controlled by a timer or with gravitech and that they use different types off burrs 75/85mm. This type of grinder is the top of the line type of coffee grinder

Other Victoria Arduino coffee grinders made are the Victoria Arduino Atom, Victoria Arduino MDH and the Victoria Arduin MDXS. These grinders are based on grinders of the Italian brand Eureka. So most of the parts are interchangeable with each other.

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