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Fluid o tech clamp ring pump 100 L/H compact

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56,30 €
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This is a pump of Fluid o tech. The type is a clamp ring pump with a pumping capacity of 100 L/H but this is a compacter model. The entire length of this pump is 25mm shorter then the normal 100L/H fluid o tech pump.
For connecting the in and out of the pump you will need a 3/8" bsp-g external fitting. This model pump has a option to adjust the pump pressure on the side. For connecting the pump to a motor, this pump can only attach to a motor which has a clamp fitting. So it is isn't suitable for a bolted flange connection. This pump can be used with the following brands of espresso machines:

  • ECM;
  • La San Marco;
  • La Spaziale.
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