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Bezzera is famous for showing the first espresso machine in the world in 1906 in milan at the International coffee fair, this was invented by Luigi Bezzera. From this point on the espresso machine has developed a lot. First from the boiler pressureized coffee machines, then the lever brewing groups after the 2nd world war and after that the pump driven espresso machines. Up to this day Bezzera is one of the few who still makes lever espresso machines. The Bezzera B2013 AL and the Bezzera Strega.

At the moment Bezzera produces commercial and domestic espresso machines. But also grinders for the home and commercial market. But Bezzera is with the big public more famous for their domestic espresso machines, or how they call it. Semi professional machines.

The domestic espresso machines bezzera produces are for instance: The Bezzera BZ09, BZ10, BZ16, Bezzera Duo, Bezzera Galatea Domus, Bezzera Magica, Bezzera Mitica and the Bezzera Magica. In some of the cases these coffee machines use a E61 style grouphead.

The Bezzera company is less famous for it’s commercial espresso machines like the Bezzera Arcadia, Bezzera B2013AL, Bezzera B2016, Bezzera Digita, Bezzera Eagle, Bezzera Woody and Bezzera Victoria.

But they also offer commercial and domestic coffee grinders, like the professional grinder M80 and the semi commercial BB004 and the BB005.

In our espresso machine model parts overview you can find a variety of the new espresso machines listed above. But also machines which are out of production like: Bezzera B2000, Bezzera B3000, Bezzera B4000, Bezzera B2009, Bezzera B6000, Bezzera BZ40, Bezzera BZ35, Bezzera BZ07, Bezzera BZ99, Bezzera Galatea and the Bezzera Ellisse.

In the category overview you can find a selection of espresso machine categories which are/where used on Bezzera espresso coffee machine. Like solenoid valve, brewing group components, steam and water valve components, electronics and a variety of other items.

If you are unable to find the parts your looking for just send us a message.

Bezzera Model

Bezzera Model

Bezzera Part category

Bezzera Part category

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