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No. There are a lot of models which are interchangable, such as with a lot of e61 style brewing groups. But in a lot of cases the dimensions do vary

Bezzera - Motor and pump

Bezzera - Motor and pump

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The pumps on motors used on the Bezzera espresso machines do vary a lot, this mainly depends on what kind of espresso machine it is. Seen commercial machines are normally fitted with bigger pumps then domestic espresso machines.

On most domestic models of Bezzera you will find a Ulka vibration pump as the main pump. Models which use this type of pump are the Bezzera BZ07, BZ10, BZ16, Hobby, Magica, Galatea-Domus, Strega and the Unica.

The commercial models of Bezzera use a electronic motor with a clamp on pump. These motors are made by the Italian company RPM and the pumps can be from Fluid o Tech, Procon or Nuert. Models this configuration is used on are the Bezzera B2000, B2006, B4000, B6000, Ebbis and the Elliss.

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    This is a extra layer of protection for your Ulka espresso machine vibration pump. When your pump is running dry or way too much then specified, the temperature will rise and eventually electrical components will break down. With this thermal protector your vibration pump will be saved, but the thermal protection will fail. This specific model has a max...

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    The item on this product page is one which can be used on various Ulka espresso machines vibration pumps. This pump inlet can be used with brands such as Grimac, Elektra, Fiorenzato, Rancilio, Saeco and Gaggia. The Ulka part reference number for this item is 8.01.033 This 90 degree fitting has been made from a plastic called santoprene. The internal pump...

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    On this page you will find a rubber support mount for a vibration pump. This support has 1 central hole and a mounting hole. The mounting hole is for connecting the rubber pump support to the frame of the espresso machine. The other hole is for sticking the espresso machine vibration pump true, this is a press fit. For each vibration pump you need 2...

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    The rotary vane pump on this page is slightly different then a normal rotary vane pump. This specific model is made by Procon in Ireland. (CO1309BF and 131A060F123B) with a NSF certification The model pump is a clamp on rotary vane pump. The flanges of the pump and motor are pushed against each other and a stainless steel clamp is placed over it and...

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    On this page you will find one of the most used espresso machine pumps. The Ulka Ex5 48W 230V espresso machine vibration pump. This pump produces 48W at 230V with 50Hz. The inlet connection is 6mm, suitable for a silicone hose. The pump outlet is a 1/8” Bsp, this side is made from brass. There is also a Identical pump the Ulka EP5, this one has a...

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    On this page you will find a ¼”L fitting. This part is a generic item and is in use with a variety of espresso machine manufacturers. As mentioned earlier this is a L-fitting. Both threads a male ¼”BSP-G. The item is casted from brass, machined and nickel plated afterwards. That’s why it has a greyish colour. This type L...

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    This espresso machine motor is made by the Italian company RPM (model number 11002728). The motor itself has 165W with 230V 50/60hz. To power the motor up it has a capacitor of 10 µf. This is one of the more standardized espresso machine motors and is being used by a variety of coffee machine manufacturers. This ranges from brands like Astoria,...

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