Bezzera BZ10 brewing group 

Bezzera BZ10 brewing group 

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The brewing group on the Bezzera BZ10 espresso machine is not the most common model on a domestic Bezzera espresso machine. Seen currently most models use a e61 style of brewing group.

This type of brewing group is made out of 2 main components, the brewing group body and the portafilter coupling ring.  The brewing group body is the component which is attached to the body of the machine itself. On this component you will find the brewing group heat element and the thermostat, a 95 degree model, which controls the heating element.

The portafilter gasket inside the brewing group ring is a o ring gasket which has a OD of 71,2mm and a ID of 55mm.  the shower screen used on this group head has a diameter of 57mm and a central hole. The brewing group bell itself is held in place with 3 bolts, the bell itself is sealed off with a thick o ring.

Seen Bezzera uses various brewing groups, not all portafilters are suitable for every Bezzera espresso machine. This brewing group uses a portafilter with a 45 degree ear orientation.

The 3 way solenoid valve is not located on the brewing group itself, which is normally quite common with solenoid operated brewing groups.

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    When you want to clean your portafilter at the end of the day you need to remove the filter basket from the portafilter. But these baskets are normally held in place with the internal spring and can be difficult to remove. Instead of removing the basket with a spoon IMS Filtri has made a filter basket removal tool. This tool is made from stainless...

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    The item on this product page is a OEM/original portafilter gasket o ring used on a variety of Bezzera espresso machines. The part reference number for this item is 7496092 The o ring itself is made from food safe nbr. The cord diameter is 8,1mm, the inner diameter is 55mm and the outer diameter is 71,2mm. You can use this portafilter o ring on the...

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