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Faema E92 Elite - Electrics

The electronic components used on a Faema E92 depend on what kind of model version it is. Seen there is a Faema E92 Elite A and a Faema E92 Elite S. Where the Elite A is a version with pre-set coffee selection and the Elite S not.

Where the S version is fitted with a level regulator and a on off switch to start the brewing process. is the A version of the Faema Elite fitted with a level regulator/dosing device, programming touch panel and for each brewing group a programmable touch panel.

Other universal components you will find on the Faema E92 Elite are contactors, pressure switches, on/off switches and thermostats.

Faema E92 Elite - Electrics

Lovato contactor BG0910A

The contactor on this product pave can be found on a wide selection of coffee grinders. You can find them on grinders from Mazzer, Gaggia, Macap, La Spaziale, Quamar and Astoria. But this contactor can also be used on various La Cimbali espresso machines. This contactor has been made by the Italian company Lovato. The model is called the BG0910A. This...

Faema E92 graphic display

The display shown on this page is suitable for the Faema E92 compact and the Faema E92 Elite. The Faema part reference for this item is 537-036-708 This graphic display has a length of 116mm and a width of 38mm. This item has been manufactured in Italy.

Ducati Energia capacitor 10μF 450V

The capacitor on this page is a 10µF model. This model is manufactured by the Italian company Ducati Energia. The part reference for this item is 41610.1564. This capacitor is used as a start capacitor for pump motors and as a start motor for the coffee grinder motor. This capacitor can be found with brands such as Casadio, Carimali, Vibiemme, Cimbali,...

Electronic board cpu Faema / Cimbali

On this product page you will find a CPU/electronic board which can be used on a variety of espresso machine models by La Cimbali and Faema. This electronic board has been made in the EU. The dimensions are 125x120mm. This unit can be used on the Cimbali M24, Cimbali M24 Select, Cimbali M22, Cimbali M24, Cimbali M27-2008, Cimbali M29 and the La Cimbali...