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Faema E92 Elite - Water valve

The water inlet valve used on the Faema E92 Elite espresso machine is one of the most common models water inlet valves. This valve is a combination of a solenoid valve operated model and a manual version.

This water inlet valve has one inlet coming from the espresso machine pump. At this inlet point you will also find a fitting for attaching the pressure gauge for the pump pressure. When the water comes into the valve it goes towards the 2 way solenoid valve or towards the brewing groups.

When the 2 way valve is broken you can always override this valve by pushing the shaft inwards with a handle or a small knob. You won’t find this option anymore on newer water inlet valves on Faema espresso machines.

Faema E92 Elite - Water valve

O ring gasket 7,66x1,78mm epdm

The o ring on this page is used on various espresso machine brands such as Casadio, Carimali, San Marco, Cimbali, Faema, Grimac, Saeco and Gaggia. This o ring has various applications, such as in steam and water valves and in water inlet valves. The part references can be found in the extra info tab. This o ring is made from EPDM. The cord diameter is...

O ring gasket 10.82x1.78mm

On this page you can find a o ring which is in use with a variety of brands in various configurations. You can find this o ring in water and steam taps, boiler components and in water level assemblies. This o ring is made from EPDM. The used cord diameter is 1,78mm and the internal diameter of the o ring is 10,82mm. This o ring can be used on steam and...

La Cimbali faema tap joint spring 11x24mm

On this product page you will find a stainless-steel water and steam valve compression spring. This spring has multiple purposes. It holds the steam and water wand at a fixed location and keeps pressure on the PTFE ball gasket. This compression spring can be used with the brands Casadio (485061010 ) Cimbali (485061010) and Faema (485061010) This...

O ring gasket EPDM 10.77x2.62mm

The o ring on this page can be used in various applications in espresso machines. This ranges from water and steam valves, water inlet taps and water levels. The part on this page is a O ring made from the material EPDM. This o ring has a cord diameter of 2,7mm and a inner diameter of 12,1mm. This o ring is produced in Italy. You will find this o ring...

Faema A2/E91 joint spring

The compression spring on this page is used in a variety of steam valve assemblies of Faema espresso machines. The Faema part reference for this item is 4731132350. The purpose of this spring is giving the steam tube fixation and not dangling underneath the machine. This stainless-steel spring has a outer diameter of 13mm and a length of 18mm. this...

Lucifer 2 way solenoid valve 240V 1/8"

The solenoid valve on this product page is a 2 way solenoid valve which is mainly used on espresso machines of the Cimbali group. You can find this solenoid valve with Faema and Cimbali espresso machines This specific solenoid valve has been made by Lucifer (the valve shows parker, that is the main company) the parker part reference for this item is...

Water outlet filter

The item on this product page is a water tube filter element. This water tube filter element can be used on various espresso machines of the La Cimbali group. Such as Faema, Cimbali and Casadio. The Casadio part reference is 532305000. The Cimbali references are 4771134699, 4771-134-699, 532305000 and 532-305-000. For Faema the references are...

PTFE gasket 15x7.5x10.3mm

On this page you see a steam and water valve bushing/gasket for various Faema espresso machine models the Faema part reference for this item is 4161132346. On one side of this PTFE seal is a conical shape, this is for the ball of the steam tube or water tube. The other side of this gasket is flat for the brass washer. There is a indendation to hold a o...

Cimbali / Faema water tab body

The item on this page is a water tap body which can be used on various espresso machine brands such as Faema and Cimbali. You can find this water tab body for instance with the part reference of Cimbali 407014000/ 407014005 and 407014008. For Faema the part references are 407014000 and 407014008. This water tab body has casted and machined. The...

Tap joint gasket 14.5x7.5x6 mm

On this page you will find a PTFE gasket which is the coupling between the steam and water valve ball and the compression spring inside the valve assembly. This item has the Casadio part number 485078010, the La Cimbali part number 485-078-010 and the Faema part number 485078010. This PTFE gasket, it is not white as you would expect with PTFE, has a...

PTFE gasket 22x17x1,5mm

The PTFE gasket on this page is mainly used for machines made by the Cimbali group. You will find this PTFE gasket in hydraulic circuits, brewing groups, steam and water valves and water inlet valves. The Casadio part number for this gasket is 401183010, the Cimbali Part number is 401183010 / 401-183-010 and for Faema the part number is...

Faema/Casadio PTFE gasket 27x20x1mm

On this product page you will find a flat PTFE gasket which can be used in various applications on Faema and Casadio espresso machines. This flat PTFE gasket can be used in brewing group applications and water and steam valves. The Casadio part reference for this item is 4701116694, the Faema part reference is identical to this number. This ptfe gasket...