Gaggia Baby and Classic bottomless portafilter
  • Gaggia Baby and Classic bottomless portafilter

Gaggia Baby and Classic bottomless portafilter


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On this page you will find a bottomless portafilter suitable for the domestic espresso machines made by Gaggia. So this item is NOT suitable for commercial espresso machines manufactured by Gaggia.

This portafilter has a ear orientation of 45 degree. The ears have a thickness of 7mm and the basket comes including the spring and 3 cup filterbasket. This filterbasket can hold 21/24 grams of ground coffee.

The portafilter body has been casted out brass, machined and then provided with a chrome plating which is NSF certified. This portafilter is manufactured in Italy.

As mentioned earlier this portafilter is only suitable for domestic espresso machines produced by Gaggia. It is suitable for models such as the Gaggia Baby, Gaggia Carezza, Gaggia Classic, Gaggia Evolution, Gaggia new  baby, Gaggia new baby 06 classic.


Data sheet

New Baby
New Baby 06 classic
Portafilter ear orientation
Portafilter ear thickness (mm)
Portafilter type

In some cases bottomless portafilters are interchangeable between brands, such as the Nuova Simonelli bottomless portafilter, this one is interchangeable with the one used on most Victoria Arduino espresso machines. This has to that it is the same brand.

You can add any filterbasket to the bottomless portafilter. But in most cases a deep double filterbasket is installed. This has to do that there is no bottom in the way.

In almost most cases bottomless portafilters are made from brass which has been chrome plated. A few brands make bottomless portafilters from stainless steel. But that is a minority

Bottomless portafilters start as regular casted portafilters. But during the machining process the bottoms are cut out of the casting, which creates a bottomless portafilter. After this the portafilters are sanded and polished into a mirror finish and chrome plated.

No, the portafilters used on Breville, Sage and Solis espresso machines are unique to those brands. And are also a lot smaller then the standard 58mm portafilters, which are used for instance on E61 brewing groups.

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