Cimbali/Casadio/Faema spacer


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The item on this product page is a plastic spacer which is used in various water inlets of espresso machines of the La Cimbali group. This spacer can be found on various Casadio, Cimbali and Faema espresso machines. The Cimbali part reference number is 958073000, for Faema it is 958073000 and for Casadio it is 958073000.

This plastic spacer is on one side a compression spring guide and on the other side just a regular spacer.

You can use this item on the Cimbali M100, Cimbali M24, Cimbali M24 Select, Faema Emblema, Faema Teorema, Casadio Dieici, Casadio Undici, Casadio Dodici and the Casadio Venti.

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Data sheet

Emblema restyling A
Emblema restyling S
Teorema A
Teorema S
La Cimbali
M24 Select
Type part
Valve shaft
part number
Casadio 958073000
Cimbali 958073000
Faema 958073000
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