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La Cimbali M20 - Water level

La Cimbali M20 Water level espresso machine parts

Cimbali sight glass 12x117mm

The level glass on this page can be used on a variety of La Cimbali espresso machines. The La Cimbali part reference for this item is 439-034-000 and 439034000. The outer diameter of this sight glass is 12mm. The overall length is 117mm. This sight glass has been made in Italy. You can use this sight glass on the La Cimbali M20, la Cimbali M25, La...

Water level gasket

On this page you will find a water level gasket. This design of water level gasket is used with a variety of espresso machine manufacturers. Brands like La Cimbali, La Spaziale, La Pavoni, Saeco and Gaggia use this design. The external diameters for this sight glass gasket are 17,2mm and 13mm. The internal diameter is 11mm. The heights for this gasket is...

Level indicator red ball 5,8mm

This red ball is a level indicator ball. This ball floats inside the water level tube. Seen it’s not always easy to see the water level makes a floating red ball it a lot easier. There are more colours available with different diameter of balls. This red ball has a diameter of 5,8mm and is made in Italy. This type of level indicator can be found...