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La Cimbali M24 - Electrics

La Cimbali M24 espresso machine parts electrics

La Cimbali M24 espresso machine parts electrics

Rectangular red on off switch 30 x 22mm

The switch on this is a push button bipolar switch and can be used on various Astoria espresso machine models. The Astoria part reference number for this switch is 18268.  This switch is a so called momentary switch, this switch goes automatically to the 0 position. The switch is rated for 16A at 250V. There is a indicator light inside the switch....

La Cimbali M24 touchpanel with start/stop

On this product page you will find the push button for the La Cimbali M24 espresso machine. This touchpanel has the La Cimbali part number 952-715-010  This touchpanel and housing is only suitable for the M24 devices which don’t have flowmeters. So where you only can control the brewing process with turning the group on and off,

Electronic board cpu Faema / Cimbali

On this product page you will find a CPU/electronic board which can be used on a variety of espresso machine models by La Cimbali and Faema. This electronic board has been made in the EU. The dimensions are 125x120mm. This unit can be used on the Cimbali M24, Cimbali M24 Select, Cimbali M22, Cimbali M24, Cimbali M27-2008, Cimbali M29 and the La Cimbali...

La Cimbali and Faema toroidal transformer 240V

The item on this page is a toroidal transformer and is used with a variety of espresso machine models of La Cimbali and Faema. This transformer runs on 240V at 50/60Hz and will reduce the voltage to be used on the electronics. The device does come with connecting wiring. You will see this device only used by the la Cimbali group. You can use this...